June 13th, 2019

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The Untenable Lightness of Being

It is abnormally pleasant outside, and not warm or cold inside.  I am personally floating in a natural, post-winegraine high.  Surely, I will crash with CFS in a day or two.  But now, it is nice to lie back and not care about anything.  Big mugga 'mocha.'  Dog content.  Food hiding in every cranny.  Various tedious missions accomplished.  Media at my fingertips.  No worry of any sort of immediate asteroid impact, or unplanned pregnancies.  No sign of big brown beetles slothing along, demanding transport outside.  This is what all of mankind has been aspiring towards, yes?  Well, arguably.  Meaning: It could be argued, and the point lost, but it could be argued.

The other day, I bought my first bottle of 'Aleve' in years.  I lapsed on my propranalol/Imtrex months ago, and Aleve is the only thing I recall that helps against my migraines.  Today, the tooth inflammation continues, but up in the root area, not where my cleaning can do any good.  Pretty bad.   So, I did my turmeric, garlic, etc., and I took 1/2 tablet each of: Aleve, Aspirin, and ibuprofen.  How about that, this actually helps.  (If I am not supposed to be mixing these, please let me know).   This mix is part of why I am floating in a cloud.  Since 'MCS' is part of my CFS, I am extra sensitive to meds.  As time and sleep go by, this inflammation should wane, I hope.  I have not yet worked on getting dental/eyeglass insurance/s.

I emailed my LL, seeking a quick meeting over at the promissory bungalow.  Thence I should describe to her some ideas I have for gaining more area inside.  The main idea: Buy a storage shed and connect it directly to the side door, which otherwise is not being used.  This would be a kind of extra room.  For storage, mainly.  Cold storage.  I could keep caribou carcasses in there during the cold Illinois winters.

This house is way too small, and there is not a lot of area for dog inside or outside. But I like the idea of the quiet, and the paucity of people about. Here, I have to deal with issues of neighbours and passer-bys everyday, and this is not favourable to writing anything of significance. Of course, neither is CFS. However, I am not so sure I will end up going for this house. Still up in the air about these things.

Last night, I watched an odd, boring movie about the later years of VanGogh, which was painful to get through, but also interesting, in a way. "At Eternity's Gate," (2018).  Basically, an old VanGogh running around in fields, or else talking slowly to people, and going mad - since he liked to eat paint, right?  (Remember you shouldn't eat paint). Ironically, his truly fatal 'lead poisoning' came from a bullet in his gut, instead. Shot by some kids. I can relate to being ruffled by a conspiracy of dunces.  And striving to escape it just to find one's muse.

This movie was made by a painter, which made it visually nice, but, so, um, painters should not make movies. The director bought a pair of bifocal glasses whilst making the movie, and said to himself, "This could be VanGogh's perspective!" So, for several scenes, we get to see through the eyes of VanGogh, who didn't wear glasses, as though he were wearing bifocals. Blurry at the bottom of the visual field, and a horizontal line cutting through the middle. This is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen done in a movie. Completely absurd. I was thinking, "How could they release this movie when this drastic flaw is in so many of its scenes?!" No flaw. Deliberate. Nuts.

But, it was interesting to see French people being French people, back in the day.

I will probably cook up some catfish today, probably w/ rice, spinach and mushrooms. I really make some good food. And then, soon, I will be the man who fell back to Earth. There are no free lunches in the march of evolution. Not without something bad lurking around the corner...