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le 05 juin 2019

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Raids targeting journalists this week are the latest examples of how far the country’s government will go to scare officials and reporters into submission, media experts say.

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The suit accuses the federal government of violating young people’s constitutional rights by contributing to the climate crisis

Twenty-one youth activists faced off with the US government in an Oregon courthouse on Tuesday, where their attorneys petitioned a panel of judges to let their climate case go to trial. Until it does, their attorneys will also argue, fossil fuel development should be halted on public lands.

The case of Juliana v the US charges the federal government with violating the constitutional rights of youth by perpetuating systems that contribute to climate breakdown. Those young people – who range in age from 11 to 23 and hail from all corners of the nation – argue that the constitution gives them and future generations a right to an environment free of climate catastrophe.

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