May 31st, 2019

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Weeds and Wheels

I pulled weeds on Wednesday, and so I am in bad shape today, including brain trouble. I have been pulling the same infestation of Queen Anne's Lace for 6 years now, and it only seems bigger each year. It is springing from seeds that have been dormant there for years. By 6 years, these seeds are supposed to have been depleted, but there is yet no sign of abatement.

The plan is to walk to the library tomorrow morning. If I have time, I will stop by a cobbler's shop. Oh - and first go to the nearby farmers' market. Then catch bus from library to big box stores. And then bus home around 12:15. Luckilly, my schedule, these days, makes this possible. But if there is any more CFS trouble, then, no. Next week, I should be busing to the vet for meds, walk on to other stores, and then bus home. I need to get to the DMV/ (Secretary-of-State) some time soon.

I can't really post much at all lately, due to brain/fatigue, but more because my browser/net is either uber slow or completely impossible. It's probably been a week since I have been able to edit a post, etc. Insufficient data coming through. Or the wheels just keep spinning and spinning around. And I am, against my will, just sitting here, watching them.

Unfortunately, interfucks will not let me post this f-only.
cat man do

More than half of transgender men have attempted suicide

Researchers looked at suicidal behavior among six distinct groups:
Cisgender men, cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, the non-binary, and gender questioning
Among the findings:
50.8% of transgender men self-reported a suicide attempt, by far the highest number among all groups.
41.8% of non-binary people also indicated they attempted suicide, as did
29.9% of transgender women, and
27.9% of those questioning their gender identity.

Conversely, non-transgender women and men reported the lowest numbers at 17.6% and 9.8%, respectively.

What the fuck does a study know how we feel inside? Nardo died.