May 26th, 2019

ah so
  • seaivy

Don't and Do

reading the NY Times
it makes me feel so un-modern

what i don't have:
i don't do facebook
i think Zuckerberg is creepy
i don't want to add to his empire

i don't have a twitter account
i did once
but nothing seem to happen
when i was there
it may still exist dormant
i just forgot about it

i don't have any of those
streaming things
don't even have HBO any more
don't seem to miss it

what i do have:
i have a pink rose bush
totally covered with blooms
a great mountain of pink

i have a rose bush
some workman cut to the ground
i was devastated
It's Back !!!!
glorious in yellow blooms
it gives me joy

i watched 3 fuzzy goslings
and their 2 canada geese nannies
parade across the green in back

i have pots of basil
thyme and rosemary
a lavender and a curry plant
brushing against them and breathe
a small paradise

in reading friends
i finally figured out
GOT means Game of Thrones
(i never watched it)
but what is GRRM?

lol just call me
"Throughly Unmodern Milly"
* - galaxy

How About an Exciting Career In Psycho Stalking?!

Wanted: Social media stalking actor

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people get into waves where they chew certain celebrities, etc., to pieces, over sexism, racism, etc., while they continue to be completely forgiving of politically incorrect songs, movies, etc., that everybody somehow loves - Like the misogynist, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," (Pat Benetar); or, "Saint Elmo's Fire", (movie); or most gangster/rap. We all love classic rock songs about pursuing a love-so-strong, climbing every mountain, using every trick in the book. We normally don't think these songs are about creepy stalkers, but they could be. How about this one:

You Can't Change That - LYRICS HERE I'm not sure if anyone would want that kind of person creeping around. But, turns out, just about everyone who has ever been in love, which was not returned, has, unwittingly perhabs, been a creep.

And, what about Moby? Everyone on ONTD is convinced that he is a creep. A little too much. Because most of the comments to these ONTD posts show them all ganging up, as usual, being the very creeps and bullies, etc., that they hate. There's a new idea: Liberals who act like unrelenting fascists...

Moby addresses "trolls" on Instagram
Moby still at it: posts pictorial evidence of his "relationship" with Natalie Portman

Or see -

Kanye West Slams Liberals for ‘Bullying’ Trump Supporters in David Letterman Interview

At least they are willing to forgive and forget...

Moby is publicly apologizing to Natalie Portman, remains a creep while doing so

Gossip.  Misrepresentation.  Blame.  Denial.  Hypocrisy.  Hate.  The mob psychology is just an amazing phenomenon. I don't know why they care so much about celebrity lives, but if bitching together anonymously is training them for exciting new careers in the field of psycho stalking, then god bless them.