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le 22 mai 2019

Today, Thom Hartmann has been raving that Dems need to stop touting 'Free Trade', and coop Trump's bold trade war. While most Dems and Neolib/con GOPpers run on 'free trade', often because ANTI-TRUMP, most of the country is smart and real enough to know that 'free trade' and associated treaties, has been ripping them off, via China. This is a big reason why Trump stands a huge chance of getting reelected, no matter what prissy investigations are pushed. Many people now see the DNC Dems as being pig-headed, disingenuous dorks.

Hartmann says the only thing that Trump has been doing wrong has been using Executive Orders to accomplish his trade goals, because these can be overturned by subsequent presidents. That's true, but maybe not so relevant, these decades, given the change in popular attitudes on trade - which Dems have not come to grips with. Anyway, I expect to write a bit more on trade soon, but in the context of other philosophical ideas.

China Deserves Donald Trump - It took a human wrecking ball to get China’s attention.

Also: China Faces New ‘Long March’ as Trade War Intensifies, Xi Jinping Says

* - galaxy

Forests for People and the Planet

Posted by madman101 on 2019.05.22 at 13:47
Originally posted by madman101 in w_a_r_m_i_n_g. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-05-22 13:47:00.

Trees for the Future!

Trees for the Future is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty for impoverished farming families by revitalizing degraded lands.

Trees for the Future (TREES) is an international development 501(c)(3) nonprofit that meets a triple bottom line through planting trees: poverty alleviation, hunger eradication, and revitalizing landscapes. Through our Forest Garden Approach, we train farmers to plant and manage Forest Gardens that sustainably feed families, raise their incomes by 400 percent, and end deforestation. TREES receives donations to implement our work in areas where we can have the greatest impact. We currently work across 6 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Cameroon, Guinea, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda. Since 1989, TREES has planted over 155 million trees.


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