May 18th, 2019

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Russian Roulette

My LJ is back to being a complete bear. Supposedly, LJ allots faster IP/routes to people who PAY for LJ. But that doesn't much seem to be the case with me - and probably not with others. Usually, I have big problems every Friday/Saturday, at least. I suspect that LJ is in fact trying to find the path of least expensive, as usual. How many eliminations of services can you list?

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btw: I don't use a choke-chain on my dog.  I don't use a collar.  I use a harness.  A loose harness.  100% painless.  In fact, usually, if I don't give a a strong tug or two, he will completely ignore me, being obessed with smells, etc., etc.  It's not exactly macho around here to have a dog that doesn't listen to you.  People yell at me for this.  And yet, when I discipline him, people come out of nowhere and yell at me for THIS.  It's just a society of fuckers.

Hilary Swank Opens Up About ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Backlash

Hilary Swank took a look back at “Boys Don’t Cry”, the 1999 movie that put her on the map.
She had the opportunity to portray transgender Brandon Teena in “Boys Don’t Cry” she jumped at it.
She never expected the film to be as successful as it was. 
In recent years, the film has been criticized for not casting a transgender actor as Teena,
She believes the film was able to start a cultural conversation that’s become increasingly louder.

“I think in some ways it’s been criticized and in others it hasn’t. And I think if people knew the outpouring of letters and people on the streets who have come up to me in tears, thanking me for telling their story… I hold on to that. That’s important to me, and to be that spokesperson for that amount of time. I’m happy that times are evolving and changing and that people are getting the opportunity to tell their own stories.”