May 1st, 2019

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Return of the Nethers

Because of last night, I am so CFS tired, etc.  Going to bed soon.  Fingers crossed.

The Nether People lived downstairs, smoking, blasting music, banging and slamming, arguing, etc.  All day and night.  Since I could smell the smoke as I walked down my stairs, I called it the nether region, and that's how they came to be named The Nethers.  You can find my tag for them - one of my most used tags.

Oh, and the guy sicked his dog on me, my dog, inside and out.  If you can imagine, tip-toeing through your apartment, only to be followed by a barking dog, or giant bangs, etc.  Having an illness highly reactive to stress, sudden noises, etc., I was almost destroyed by them.  (After they left, gossip about the whole era went through my LL's company, and to the new tenant, who assumed I was the problem, and started off banging, etc., as soon as he moved in.  Only now have I daftly managed to reduce this closet bullying, which I find repugnant, but is apparently a trait of many Americans).

I remember approaching the female about the guy, banging on the floor when she was out, and she said, "You crazy.  He was dropping his boots!"  If that was the case, then he must have had ten feet.  Anyway, forever, since I was an outsider, and white/male, the whole neighbourhood just basically accepted the line that I was crazy, and a problem.  Why a society would act like this is beyond me, but apparently most of history is full of similar examples.  Universal buggerism.

The way I got the Nethers expelled from the house was: After slamming doors, Mr. Nether went out, early morning.  I went out after him, and caught up to him near the 'Liquor Mart'.  I yelled that he had to stop slamming the doors!  Predictably, he hit me in the throat, attracted to my hot pink T-shirt showing, like a bull to red.  And.  I knew exactly what I was doing.  The police were called.  My witness drove off.  But Mr. Nether was now on record as a problem - and I of course laid out various tangents in the report which would support the case that he needed to be kicked out of the house!  (Until now, my LL was doing nothing about him illegally staying there - where the lease only allowed one person).

Well, the officer actually called my LL, later, and said that Mr. Nether had given his address as THIS HOUSE.  Finally, my LL rolled into action, putting up a police order banning him from the property.  Then Nether girl went to the LL and was very angry.  But, rather than kicking Mr. Nether Guy out, N-Girl moved out.  Yay.  For years, N-Guy would perform small acts of vandalism around the sidewalk, but when I see him walk by, and he sees me, he does nothing threatening.  Last Wednesday, he passed, while I was out w/ my dog, turning back to stare at my pony tail or something, and as I turned back to look at him in 'irritation', he just turned and kept walking.  So, this is a slimy guy, poor soul.

Oh - after N-Guy turned and kept walking, a dude across the street started yelling to him as to how he could get a job, (which revealed that N-Guy was unemployed).

At 3:45pm, today (Wednesday), someone knocked on my front door, causing my dog to bark a lot.  By the time I pulled my self out of the back room, in shoes and pants, the person was gone.  But some skinny female was walking away.  I pondered who this could have been.  I thought maybe it had something to do with that large young teen who tried to fight with me a few weeks ago: More recently, there had been shots fired into a car right where the almost-fight had been.  And I can see that kid being resentful, since I got the upper hand.  I can see a female coming to my door to warn me that he, or someone else, was going to come after me.  Because that's how this area is.  High drama by a bunch of idiots.

In earlier years here, I was concerned about someone driving by and trying to shoot my dog.  Over the years, with my presence and sense, and other factors, this neighbourhood has calmed down.  Constant cherry bombs are a thing of the past.  And so forth.  But, I know there are people out there who are resentful, drunk, or just don't klike me.  So, I really didn't know who this female had been.  I decided it could not have been my LL, or a particular neighbour.

Next time, I took myself out earlier - 5pm - just in case trouble might be brewing.  I noticed said particular neighbour putting out her trash a few houses down.  When she went to get more, she found a letter on her porch, and began reading it.  This solidified in my mind that the female at my door had been Nether Girl.  And this is the hypothesis:

Since N-Guy was probably still unemployed, and today is the first day of the month, the Nethers are probably being kicked out from their latest apartment.  So, N-Girl was probably looking for help - money, or some new apartment.  I also think it is very possible that she might be in a fight with, or in danger from, N-Guy.  She gets government assistance, and so she may be trying to kick him out.  I think all scenarios are possibly be true.

If both, or if just he, are in danger of being kicked out - along with their personal strife - then there is reason that N-Guy might soon come by here to retaliate for my having him thrown out of this house.  But, the facts are: He did assault me; he WAS living here illegally and without paying rent, and, it was N-Girl who decided for them both to leave here.  But, we have already seen his sadistic, passive-aggressive personality, blaming others when there is no blame, and not taking responsibility for his own actions.  So, it is probable that a person like this will not take progressive moves, but would rather lash out in one way or another, against one person or another.  That could be me, N-Girl, anyone.  There are a lot of fucked up people around here.  That sort of reaction would not be so abnormal.  He has been violent towards N-Girl before.  And he seems to end up in jail about Thanksgiving time every year or so.  Family problems.  I recall I concluded it was some kind of father complex.

So, this post has been the latest, and hopefully the last, chapter in the insane, pathetic Nether Saga.