April 30th, 2019

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You surely get your money's worth

Following Friday's exertions, I have been hit with a double-whammy relapse - also called flare or exacerbation.  I am still not out of #2, which has been deep, and I cannot think or do much.  I will be trying to post what I can, just so I can clear more tabs, which are otherwise crashing my browser.  I was also thinking of writing more about Time, and turning around more ideas re: my own private writing.  I have been eating alot of walnuts, which were $4/lb. at F&F, which is super cheap.  I vowed never to buy sunflower seeds from F&F, (and Menard's), since they are so often rancid.  But the walnuts turned out to be magically delicious.  My dog is in a good mood.  It has been cold and rainy.  A buzz is interfering with my AM radio reception.  I kilt a moosie.

Here's the post: LJ tells me I have three most-popular recent posts.  I tried to check out their stats but: 1 - LJ stats now only go back THREE years, so my 2016 post could not be fathomed. 2 - LJ stats do not apply to posts made in communities, which applied to the other two posts.  In other words, it is impossible to tell if LJ is just pulling these 'popular posts' out of its ass.  Has anyone else (paid members) experienced this, as well?

I could list countless annoyances from LJ over the years, like: No more voice/phone posts; stats no longer apply to communities unless paying extra; no more post-promo'ing - what else am I missing? - the list goes on and on...

So, here is the 2016 post that LJ said was the most popular:

Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale

LJ might be right about this, although I really think I have more popular posts in the last 3 years.  Nevertheless, this post does show frequent readership over the years, even up until two days ago.  How people find this post, idk.  It could be in a search engine.  It could be because a lot of Catholics explore my 'catholic' tabs.  Also, there are more females than males on LJ, and this is something they would like.  Actually, who knows if anyone likes it after they read it.  It doesn't matter how good your posts are - the only thing that matters is how shiny your tabs and titles are.  Me for instance.  The substance of all my posts is composed entirely of asbestos, body ash and mouse droppings.
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Nothing is completely still. There is no IFR, (innertial frame of reference), in reality - only in math, and in subjective experience. Instead, every thing is in motion, no matter how still it may seem. There could be no (experience of) time unless everything was in motion.

Einstein was not being flip when he said, "The only reason there is time is so that everything doesn't happen all at once," (para). If everything happened at the same time, it would be ONE thing, and relative to nothing else, and therefore nonexistent. (See, 'double paradox'). It is not possible for a thing to exist unless it is in the company of other things, and so in some medium, which is called time.

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Homework: For our upcoming post/s, think about what habit is. Conventionality. Standardisation. What can these concepts have to do with time? Do they also have something to do with memory?
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"If you're doing nothing wrong, then why can't I spy on you?"

The renowned Glenn Greenwald points out why privacy should always be our cherished right, especially in the face of big brother or big tech.

See and hear more; and the latest TED's, including March 22 on the experience of TIME, HERE