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le 25 avril 2019

Originally posted by bennuheron. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-04-25 03:30:00.

New Solar Farms Could Offer Sweet Source of Salvation for Dwindling Honeybee Populations

"According to research from the National Renewable Energy Lab, America is expected to add more than 6 million acres of solar farms and facilities by 2050. In addition to hosting solar panels, however, more and more environmentalists are taking advantage of this energy farmland by planting wildflowers that are critical to the survival of honeybees and butterflies."

So, over the winter, I incurred a lot of hurt to the bod. (Reasons: Psycho-social stress/anger, CFS, + snow-shovelling, big surge of DHT after cessation of 5mg finasteride, and beer). A number of serious symptoms arose: A sudden visual problem; muscle rigidity/etc.; heart problems/pain; completely dry mouth every time I awaken; insane insomnia; joint pain; hair loss, and a broken penis. All of these are either completely new symptoms or past CFS symptoms intensified.

Even though these symptoms all came suddenly w/ CFS, stress, and DHT, this does not mean that there might not be spin-off illnesses amongst them. For example, I have been concerned that there may be (a particular) cancer. Or, joint pain can mean arthritis. I decided that many symptoms might be early signs of a heart disease which many people w/ CFS finally die of, congestive heart failure. (My predisposing factors: CFS; I once smoked a fair amount; alcohol, and I sometimes feel like I am prediabetic.  I lifted weights and ran, etc., but CFS pushes me back every time I try to be active).

So, in the course of my Wiki research, I found a few things about heart disease in which I thought you might be interested...

Open-Source Surgery...Réduire )

mm101 NOTE: I have learnt that magnesium is critical for the heart, muscles and CFS.  If you get cramps a lot, magnesium is the answer.  Best to taken w/ vitamin C.  I also believe in fish oil and turmeric for inflammation, anti-oxidants, oats/fiber, low sugar - (ergo fermented foods and drinks, which are also good for gut microbiota), sleep, exercise, low stress, creativity, and self-determination.

If you go back and check out the harmful agents for occupations - lack of control, low social support and security, night hours, and noise - these basically apply in the cases of people like me, yo, as do air pollution (I live on a hwy), socioeconomic disadvantage, and poor sleep!  How many of these factors apply to you?!

I have cut back on drinking.  In the past, I had five reasons why I drank more than usual.  1 - I am Irish.  2 - I am Australian.  3 - I lived in Wisconsin.  4 - I am a writer.  I forgot #5.  But, it is also true than my father was once employed and fired by a brewery; and that I am a radical outsider who is locked away from his potential; and my CFS is constantly assaulted by heart-palpitating idiots like the man downstairs who deliberately slams doors, bangs walls, etc., etc.  God bless these fucking Americans. The fact is that alcohol works, (temporarilly), against this kind of uncontrollable assault upon the nerves and heart.

Go here for SCREENING - (and see "Cardiovascular_risk_assessment" above). And note:

Severe emotional and physical stress leads to a form of heart dysfunction known as Takotsubo syndrome in some people.[106]

(Congestive) Heart Failure

So, I tried to find out more about the now-extinct German town of Rockenfeld - (Wiki, in German).  However, all search results are in German.  What I want to find out is when and how it was destroyed. And who were the people who lived there prior to the destruction?  Were they Germanics, Jews, Huguenots, Calvinists...?

Anyone who can help, it would be nice, thanks!

* - galaxy


Posted on 2019.04.25 at 15:14
I find Joe Biden's presidential bid to be touching.

* - galaxy

Joe Biden should run for president because:

Posted on 2019.04.25 at 18:36
"Nobody's going to be surprised by what he has to offer!"

- actual quote from NPR political expert

Billionaires are worried about capitalism

— they should look in a mirror

JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before the House Financial Services Committee in early April. (Patrick Semansky / The Associated Press)
JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before the House Financial Services Committee in early April. (Patrick Semansky / The Associated Press)

The above reads like a speech from a left-leaning Democratic presidential candidate, an inconveniently accurate think-tank report, or even something I’ve written more than once. But it comes from the latest letter to shareholders by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Some capitalists are growing worried, according to new stories in what are hardly Marxist rags, Financial Times and the Washington Post.

The Post’s headline read, “Capitalism in crisis: U.S. billionaires worry about the survival of the system that made them rich.” ...

Social democracy is openly embraced by the growing Democratic left, including some presidential candidates. Even independent presidential hopeful, billionaire Howard Schultz, I-Sonics, talks of the “the growing crisis of capitalism in this country.”

All this and more is getting the attention of at least some billionaires. Commentator and wealth manager Barry Ritholtz put it like this: “Consider: In 1966, the ‘bottom’ 90 percent captured 64% of the national income. By 2014, that had slid to 54%. The top 10% expanded from 37% to 47%. The biggest gains came not from the top 1%, but from the top 0.01% (the 1 percent’s 1%).” ...

Read full article at SEATTLE TIMES

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