April 16th, 2019

* - galaxy

Trapped in Amber

This guy never gets any comments. Well, actually he got one comment on Christmas, 1997.

I saw his pic and thought I might know a Fitzpatrick who is related to him.  'Fitzpatrick' means, 'folower of Patrick', btw.

NZ had its 9/11 a few weeks ago, and now France has its 9/11, during 'Holy Week'.  Except there are no terrorists, just the Devil.  Seriously, I was stunned and crushed when I heard the news.  It was one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, an architectural masterpiece; and an enduring touchstone for Western civilisation.  I know my friend in Philly, a pathological Catholic, (who went to Notre Dame, Indiana), is grinding his teeth and rolling in his early grave.  Really, it is very hurtful to see it destroyed, but, this:

1 - It will surely be restored, (unlike the Twin Towers).

2 - If you think this is bad, just wait 'till the nukes fall on major cities, and/or global warming turns everyone into bacon.

3 - All things must pass.

Churches.  Flatulance.  Aggression.  It's all the same brew.

nick_101 was right: Lots of turning points now: This fire; Tiger Woods; Jeapardy, and I would add: The Weather; Assange; the Black Hole; the Fungus - and LJ is 20!