April 15th, 2019

* - galaxy

Pass the aggression, please...

NPR's, "1A", did an hour on Midwestern Passive-Aggression, a subject, like a cheese-grater, close to my heart. I always appreciate the few shows or articles about passive aggression, especially in the Midwest. When one comes along, it is as if I can stop holding my breath, relishing the validation, and exclaim, "See! I'm not crazy!"

I feel like doing a little post on the subject, but my brain wants to melt into a box of cornmeal packing peanuts. I need to sleep.

Yesterday, the guy across the street tried to stand in his yard, facing me, intimidating - which is what black guys do here. A few days earlier, he had two other guys standing in a row, staring across the street. But this time, he just couldn't keep it up, as I eyed him with disgust, and he sat down. Today, he was at it again, using his cellphone to blast his voice all over the neighbourhood - which is something he also did a lot last year. Then, a white guy walked across the street onto my block, and the black guy just went inside. There are more and more white people over here. But some of them are walking through my yard while I am out w/ my dog, and they don't even respond to me. Word might have gotten back to people who have been here for a few years, and they might have asked them to stop, but I don't know. I also walked close to where the porch which they were walking into and glared at the last guy going in, so. BTW - I have been here 6-7 years now - longer than anyone else except a few people down the street. Enough of this...

My glasses are ready to be picked up, which mean I will be able to write and post, etc., a lot easier. I'm not picking them up soon, however.

My dog is pretty happy these days.