April 12th, 2019

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I want this to be a relatively condensed compendium of the various faces of time, as I know them. This will be a collection of divided topics which the reader should discover turn out to be related to each other in discrete if not miraculous ways, oh yeah. So, bear with the seeming disjointedness of it all.

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I might start Part 2 with my model of the Psychic Dog, just because it is fun...
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The Strange Ones

I was thinking about how many Scots (Scottish) bands/musicians I could think of. Here's what I came up with:

DON"T READ THESE BEFORE YOU THINK OF YOUR OWN SCOTLISH BANDS!...Collapse ).. because some were English w/ Scots descent, and some were In Scotland but w/ Irish descent...

Britain is all mixed up. Morrissey and George Harrison might be considered Irish. And Paul McCartney could be Scots. Liverpool was largely a Northern Irish city set in England. So. They are all strangers... In strange lands...

I looked up Scottish bands, and was surprised by some... Like Dire Straits, and more... Here is the list... 

Can you think of at least 10 Scotlish bands?

Note: I am working in a theme or two to my journal lately. Can you guess what they are? They will be emerging as time goes by. (But they have nothing to do with my TIME post below)..