March 25th, 2019

* - galaxy

"Oh, the weather outside is weather..."

This is me. This is who I am. Chicken scratches. Always carry iodine when you're around me.

It looks like I shall be ready to be back online regularly again - (although not as much as before, due to other projects). However, it is time for me to go to bed, now, if I want to keep the beat, and wake up around 2 or 3am.

After a few good days, something again happened, yesterday, to pull me back into the mire. I will write about it later. So, I had a bad start, etc., today. Mainly, what I did:

Lots of computer scans and rescans. Reinstallations.

Then, I worked on building up a better IP block list (firewall). Somehow, I lost all the gains I made in about the last year. So, I retrieved an earlier block list, and went through some notes, and added various other IP addresses. Then I pulled out two old block lists from a PeerBlocker / PeerGuard group, which blocks a holy host of IPs from CHINA, and from South Korea. I organised all that in a data base, converted it, and then imported it into my FW. This list is blocking things I want open, so it will take a while getting it comfortable. I was surprised, even after all the mega-blocking I had enterred over the years, how this new CHINA list has been working. Yes, these 'attackers' would normally be booted out via other FW mechanisms, but it is smart to be doubly safe. I waved the red flag over Chinese hackers many, many years ago, but, for some reason, all my liberal friends were obsessed about Russia instead.

Also - I have almost totally blocked every f**king IP from Amazonaws / Cloudfront. That handicaps me in some ways - like:Firefox doesn't want to upgrade via anything else, damn them. But these IPs, (and others I shall not go into), can be used by nefarious agents. Like hackers of various stripes. And so, I prefer to go without them. Like I'd prefer that AMAZON didn't exist in the first place. I will simply get around to finding and using a browser firewall. Unfortunately, I don't know that there are any browsers out there which are actually safe and private. Even TOR was found to be monitored by the FBI. And, I guess if I want to be free of these things, then that means I am guilty of colluding with Russia, or something, right?

Americans are insane, btw. More on that topic later.

Tomorrow, I will probably go do laundry, see a movie, ("Wonder Park"?), and then have some wine. I need to make a swarm of hardshell taco's soon because I have had ground turkey-taco meat in my fridge for a few days. I am going to mix that with refried beans cuz I usually cut my meat when I can, ya. I already have a bunch of burritos, a tonne of spaghetti, broccoli, (all home-made), plus lots of other food. It's nuts. I also have nuts. Did I mention? Americans are nuts?

Anyway, I will be being a truer LJ friend soon. Try guessing the things I expect to post about, yo...