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After all this news about Harvey Weinstein, I just happened to catch a very interesting documentary about the rape of a studio extra at MGM, in 1937. It looks like the Hollywood rape culture has been around a long, long time. And, let me just add for the record: Harvey Weinstein was called out as an example to prosecute, and was known to be only the tip of a protected iceberg, of which we shall never know. And, Weinstein's public hanging was probably a safe political act contrived by the Jeff Sessions' Justice Department. (But that's a separate topic).

The rape was of an aspiring actress at an MGM salesman stag party, basically, held at the Ambassador Hotel; (same place as the RFK assassination). This sky's-the-limit event was overseen by the movie mogul, Louis B. Mayer. The movie, Girl 27, was by David Stenn, based on his Variety article, "It Happened One Night... at MGM."

Although this movie was 'blotchy' or uneven, it received some rewards, as it covered an important subject, relative to film and Hollywood culture. Until Girl 27 came along in 2007, the rape of Patricia Douglas was completely QUASHED in the news media, in court, in records - by the powerful forces of MGM. That is the big story. Conspiracies really do exist, and they generally run with corporate money. Patricia Douglas does not have her own Wikipedia page. The name is redirected to Girl 27. That reflects how her entire life was defined by, and destroyed by, this rape.

Patricia Douglas began life as a child who was largely 'abandoned' by her mother. So, she had a starkly lonely childhood. She was forced to be a loner, despite so deeply wanting love. And, she was scarcely informed about social graces or sex. At the MGM party, some rowdy characters force-fed her whiskey and champagne, and she stammered outside to vomit. She was then overtaken by a sleazy man called David Ross, (who eventually died at the young age of 61, without any consequence of the rape, other than the torture of his own conscience). (There are countless "David Ross'" in Wikipedia, but not him).

Patricia Douglas did try to prosecute, early on. But, evidence was destroyed. The only witness changed his testimony and was given a lifetime job by MGM. Her own mother sold her out in court. The prosecutors completely defamed her character, which was mirrored in the newspapers, which were vastly slanted, blowing her up in pics, etc., but not even mentioning MGM by name. She spent the rest of her life unknown, and hiding from the past, and from the insipid evil of humanity which we have all come to know and love.

Ironically, Patricia Douglas maintained a love-hate relationship with her mother, which took her away from her daughter, who was sexually abused by one of her scandalous husband(s). This daughter grew up to be distant from Patricia, and apparently held her own past in a kind of open, yet dangerous, denial.

Through generations, isn't it interesting how, "too-close," becomes, "too-far-away," and vice versa?

The filmmaker, however, was able to find Patricia, very late in her life. He managed to gain her trust. At last, she was able to get this story out, with his help, in an era where there is more discussion of such injustices. Today, the great male defenders of Abuse are being called into question and brought down. But, as I said, a few of them. Not all of them. To do so would threaten the very structure of corporate America, right?

Patricia Douglas' story was picked up elsewhere. But, there remain a lot of other secrets, revealed by the movie, yet to be resolved. That includes the unfortunate love child of Clark Gable, (married), and Loretta Young, (staunch Catholic). When confronted with the truth, the latter vomitted, and called her daughter, "a sin."

Also included is the the story of the singer, Eloise Spann, 19, (no links). And of Kelly McGard, (no links). Or of the 1988 movie, The Accused, starring Jodi Foster, and based loosely on the 1983 gang rape of Cheryl Araujo. It also refers to The Story of Temple Drake, a 1933 movie based on William Faulkner's controversial 1931 novel, Sanctuary, about the rape and abduction of a well-bred Mississippi college girl, Temple Drake, during the Prohibition era. This 1933 movie was regarded as so scandalous, that it was essentially banned everywhere, and may be hard to find even today. (It was remade in 1961).

Currently listening to, "My Name is Luka," (accoustic). I would suggest, as an adjuct to this movie, a great 2015 movie about the Catholic Church pedophilia abuses in Boston, exposed, called, Spotlight.

The following discussion is for imagination purposes only. It is based on hypotheses or conjectures, which, as always, can be the beginnings of science, or of superstition...

There were two major tabloid scandals going on when the story of the 1937 rape of Patricia Douglas broke. The latter pushed those two into the background. Patricia Douglas was scandalised then as we scandalise other kinds of prominent figures today, even while we blind ourselves to any possibility of our own injustice. Indeed, I see many parallels between those scandals, and our own today. The former - a kind of blinding social haze of attention - preceded WW2. And, I think - especially with all that has been going on in the news, threatening major war, that we may be caught in the same game.

Only now, when we are ready to collapse full-on, do we fish out the injustices as a kind of picnic for piranha. Selectively. For the best TV ratings. The most clicks. Only now, when Weinstein loses power, do we rush in to crucify. Meanwhile, the dark, grave clouds of war gather, and tomorrow we die. Is this not the way?

I am not saying injustices such as rape are not real. I am saying that, in the best of times and the worst of times, just before the Fall, it all intensifies.

What else preceded WW2? The Great Depression. We have been dithering in an endless, "Great Recession," and another drop is very possible soon.

There was the Dust Bowl, and other disasters. Today, we have massive forest fires and hurricanes.

Preceding WW2, there was an upswing of activity of anarchists, fascists, communists, right-wingers, racists and nationalists - all over the globe, just like today.

There was a great, "fraying at the edges," all over the world. (I will write about this more later). Countries hit hard by indebtedness, or by the pull of poorer populations, sought to break from the larger Orders - while cultures within them moved to attain their own independence - just like today. There were fissurings and civil wars in Greece, Spain, etc., just like today.

There was a reshuffling of people and groups into black-versus-right, left-versus-right, all in an effort to ward off overall chaos, and personal confusion. Just like today.

There were great advances in technology and in corporate wealth, while the poor countries and people only suffered more resource and capital depletion. Just like today.

There were irresistible political games demanding that we make an enemy of this or that great country, while most of the population just wanted to watch movies or sports. Just like today.

It is always good to look at everything as it is, unto itself. It is good to look at things in connection to their environments, as well. And, it is also good to look at things in the broader contexts of history, economics - or even weather and climate. Sometimes, we forget that, in one sense, we are no greater than individual ants, bickering over this or that leaf, back and forth - when, in fact, we are all a part of a bigger picture - of a number of bigger pictures - where our own efforts disappear like obscure little pixels in some giant .jpeg made by a really good camera. Ignorantly, we hope that God is taking care of all this cosmic stuff which we resign never to fathom, thwarted by our mortality. Excused by our fear.

History does not so much repeat as it rhymes. That is why predictions of science, and prophesies of religion, (and all in between), can never be dead-on in the social sphere, no matter how much meta-data you crunch. So, it is best just to look for trends and similarities - rhymes - when trying to figure out where we might be headed. As I see it, there are a lot of rhymes sugegsting that we are wasting our way into another world war. One bigger picture says that this is the planets Sixth Great Extinction, and, so, why wouldn't we also destroy ourselves, with the stipulation that we can blame it on the Russians, instead of on reality? We already snap each others' heads off if its an inclement day.

One thing you can be certain of, though, is that, in our solitary race, there is a man for every extreme, at the very least. If there is the possibility for psychopathy to take over the American corporate structure, by god, there will be ample men produced to fill that calling. And so on. For some men, innocent young women or boys are like gold waiting to be dug up - its a gold rush - a Comstock Lode to be made - a Manifest Destiny to be conquered. Many times, the Bible only encourages these boys to be, um, psychopaths. But, the point is this: they will always be there to grease the wheels when evil wants to take a turn.

"Some Men = Snakes in the Grass" - nick_101

The man who raped Patricia Douglas was named John Ross. She referred to him as, "pure sleaze." He had big bulging eyes, and an appearance of perpetual sweatiness. Despite the 'British'-origin name, he had some kind of 'ethnic' look to him, which could have been anything from Italian to Burmese, who knows. He could have looked Native American, but his nose was very small.

But, I did ponder this: There is a famous man in American History, named John Ross. He was the champion of the Cherokee, versus the likes of Jackson. Both men were, btw, predominantly Scottish or (Scots/British) in their ancestry. Nevertheless, one was on one side, and Ross was on the other side. John Ross fought all the way he could, against the American Empire - and, I'm sure that, after the loss, he and his descendants may have had a dream or two of finding revenge someday.

This is where I am completely diverging into to pure, fictional STORY-making. Right? Because, as you know, I am increasingly a strong advocate for Native Americans. I do not say that the following is likely - but it is mythical. I do say, though, that all groups have about the same percentage of evil people; (other than the LJ group, which has even more).

I imagined that some descendant of John Ross, the Cherokee leader, took it on himself to become some kind of Jeffrey Dahmer psychopath, and felt the desire to strike back at whites so deeply, it was a kind of sexual fetish. So, in 1937, he ended up raping Patricia Douglas, and literally telling her:

"I want to DESTROY you!"

What kind of man wants to destroy a woman through sex. Rape is a terrible crime of physical power and psychological control, i.e., of violence above sex - but to literally declare, "I want to DESTROY you!" is about as messed up as a guy can get. Where did he get those messages from? Was it in the Hollywood scenes of women smiling as they pushed off rugged advances? Was it in the corporate salesman hunger and alcohol that was imbibed in during the mass orgy that night? Was it from the green light from the MGM mafia bosses? Tragically sad that this man was so fucked up. Tragically mad that the system sided with his fucked-upedness.

But, the myth could be this: At the same time when the seams were splitting, and the edges were fraying, and the dreams were collapsing, and the Empire was momentarilly less sure of itself, the spirit of the Original John Ross reemerged in a perverse, evil way, and said to America, "I want to DESTROY you!"

Rape is not sex - it is a violence which denudes and shames its victim. And, so, after all, what had America done, but rape the continent, in the first place?

See what I'm saying. Another rhythm, through myth. But, beyond this, I am serious about something. I know that there emerge insane incidents like these, some mythical, many more very real. And they are not things that you will look for, if you are caught up in consuming fear.

You can look at the mass shootings, and find other images and leads, if only you keep your mind open, and keep using your imagination - and your scientific search for the truth. It ALL begins with HYPOTHESES, or, in my case, Hippo feces.

In fact, when there are forces pushing in one direction, there will be contrary forces emerging in other ways and directions. Why, for example, do we have so much gun violence in America? It is not the guns, or the laws, or even the crazies. It is the nature of our society, built on an ethic of divine competition, which has devolved into a petty revenge of narcissism, sometimes exploding into mass casualties. I see it every day on the streets, in my family, and from the jackass downstairs.

I see personal problems distorting and coming out in weird ways all over the place - in the news, in the closets, in the movies. I see presidents and wars coming out in the words and deeds that common strangers inflict on each other, day to day. I see the weather go in, and slamming doors come out. I see the sibling rivalry of a generation or two playing itself out in my siblings and their children. I see how most of this conspires in corruption and greed for the almighty dollar, and that dollar just won't be around much longer. It is already gone for a lot of people.

I'm just saying, try to look for and at the bigger pictures. Its fun. Its natural. Its right.

Rape is an unforgivable crime, on the one hand. But, it is also part of a wider dysfunction, that we are all connected to, in one way or another. It will never change unless we stand up as our own new and positive and considerate selves, even as we stand our ground, or throw a little tough love around, for those who are as dumb as dogs. And expose the psychopaths!

Each rape is a continuation of a culture of rape, involving social isolation confronted with high ideals like the American Dream. Just look at how the dysfunction carried on down in Patricia Douglas' family, involving not just Ross, but the Douglas' themselves. In the centre of La La Land! Got the picture?

Seeing this movie might help.

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