November 10th, 2018

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The case for a decentralized internet

ted talks:

The case for a decentralized internet | Tamas Kocsis

Who controls the internet? Increasingly, the answer is large corporations and governments -- a trend that's threatening digital privacy and access to information online, says web developer Tamas Kocsis. In this informative talk, Kocsis breaks down the different threats to internet freedom and shares his plan to build an alternative, decentralized network that returns power to everyday users.
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'Information Technology and Moral Values'

"Information Technology and Moral Values"
Every action we take leaves a trail of information that could, in principle, be recorded and stored for future use. For instance, one might use the older forms of information technologies of pen and paper and keep a detailed diary listing all the things one did and thought during the day. It might be a daunting task to record all this information this way but there are a growing list of technologies and software applications that can help us collect all manner of data, which in principle, and in practice, can be aggregated together for...
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The subject is PAIN

I MIGHT be coming out of a killer headache, which completely ruined my celebratory beerathon. Hangovers are supposed to happen AFTER you drink, I thought. That's bad enough, but I also have to pay first for the wasted beer and then for the CFS consequences. Such are the joys of bahar.

First of all, I am a canary in a coal mine. My CFS is reactive to manythings - viruses, fumes, food, stress, climate change, etc. My immune system overreacts, which is the opposite of AIDS. This leads to subtle chronic inflammations, like in the brain, and also endless persistence of viruses, candida, etc. It's paradoxical.

Maybe two years ago, I tried to pull off a bracelet which was too small. I tried to do it quickly, which bent in my thumb too much, etc. After that, I experienced pain in the area - at the top of the thumb. Because of whatever goes on with my CFS, this developed into continuous or reoccurring pain. And then it extended to much of my hand. I imagine that some auto-immunity-like process was developing. That is not to say that this developing 'arthritis' might not also involve some specific pathogen.

I once had a gf who had JRA, as well as chronic yeast infections - oh, and chlamydia - oh and I also got a brief case of genital warts from her. She was a bag of fun. It was while I was with her that my CFS happened - with an astounding crash. Pain at every gate. So, it might be that I acquired some kind of JRA pathogen from her. For all we know, this pathogen could be the trigger for CFS/FMS. It could be a spirochet, or it could be an interplay of herpes virus and yeast. Or something else. BTW - at that time, I was spending a lot of time locked in the university library, trying to find a way to cure JRA. That would have gotten somewhere, were it not for the fact that she was crazy, and I was sick, and my asshole brother stepped in and messed things up even more. Everywhere I go, whatever I touch, my siblings have to own it - take from me. This, too, is a pain.

Back to this relatively recent hand pain... The funny thing is this: The pain also started occurring in the opposite hand! So, what we have here is a known innitiating event, and transferrence of the problem to the other hand, which means some kind of targetted immune agent OR pathogen. THIS means that the 'arthritis' was more than a physical, local injury. This is also to say that the 'arthritis' was not originating from inside or around the tendons, bone or joints of the one thumb - it means the problem has a wider reach - the body - but is targetting.

It was about two weeks ago that both hands were getting pretty bothersome. This was happening at the same time when I was not getting enough sleep - or regeneration. Things like sugar or fast carbs (starch), caffeine, alcohol, etc., are largely bad because they also tend to work against regeneration, if not sleep. TAKE HEED. A disrupted circadian rhythm is also damaging in this way.

Also, my CFS always kicks in whenever my cells seek to regenerate, learn or claim memory. This involves disturbances in the Krebs cycle, lactic acid, protein synthesis, protein kinase, and calcium intake. Probably, something is broken within the mitochondria. After all, CFS is an illness involving seriously low energy, among other things.

It may be that some forms of arthritis emerge through some physical first-hit, some pathogenological or immunological follow-up, and some intensification due to poor cell regeneration due to such things as poor sleep, or even processes as occurring in CFS/FMS.

WHEN I started sleeping even more than seemed necessary, and returning to a strict circadian schedule - as far as eating, sleeping, activity, etc. - and reducing the bad food and STRESS, then the pain in both hands subsided. That does not mean that the pathogen and/or immunological conditions might not be lurking, ready to pounce again.

As I have said, CFS/FMS goes OVERBOARD in reacting to things. But, at some point, most people become overly sensitised to things. And, people who are one day normal may one day acquire certain elements as are found in problems of, e.g., JRA, CFA, FMS, etc., so that they suddenly become highly reactive in some way - producing, maybe not CFS or FMS, etc., but arthritis, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, or any number of things. It can be like some kind of switch is pulled, and, locally or full-body, one can finally become hypersensitive and ill. That means that hyper-defensive measures NOW need to be taken. One can no longer do the old levels of stress, poor diet, poor sleep, etc., as they had been doing. It is good that you listen to people who are the canaries in the coal mines, right? Yes.

One day, most of you will hit a wall.

Well, my 'arthritis', LATELY, has been almost non-exostent. But I didn't accomplish this by just improving relaxationm, eatign better, and so forth. I also ingested several things which are strongly believed or known to fight arthritis-like problems. And here it goes:

apple cider vinegar - I make my own, so it is ALIVE. That is important.

coconut vinegar - I have only recently started making this. How? I buy organic coconut milk - UNSWEETENED - and let that age, but not rot(!) I will do more posts about how I do this, and about the benefits of coconut, later. The best foods for us are the ones we have been eating the longest. Not wheat. Not pure sugar. Not fried food. Not additives.

chicken gelatin and cartilage - When I buy broiled chicken for my dog, I bogart these. Cheaper than supplements.

Fish oil, B-vitamins, turmeric - all three work together. Supplement is "Curcumin" Turmeric is even better if cooked and in the company of black pepper and/or other curry spices. Just another proff that what we've been eating the longest is what is best for us now. Turmeric fights inflammation like no other! It can even be helpful against dementia.

Pre-biotics plus pro-biotics - That means lots of beans and veggies (fiber) along with greek yogurt (fiber eaters). (Even so, I have learnt to keep calcium low).

Broccoli, cabbage, and related - These contain sulphur chemicals, which help get nutrients to the cells, etc. There are also supplements like MSM.

Magnesium - The best mineral to help prevent heart attacks, muscle cramps, and to help sleep. Everyone is magnesium deficient! Works best w/ vitamin C. Zinc is another mineral. Both are essential for MANY enzymes.

Coconut oil - Like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil helps you lose weight. It also fights yeast! Many people say that coconut oil feeds you via KETONES rather than carbs. I cannot explain now, but this helpd close out pathogens, imo. I will post more about coconut oil later.

Tart cherry - I have never tried this supplement but it is said to help arthritis.

Milk Thistle (silymarin(sp?)) or Dandelion - these help fight fatty liver, which is a progenitor of a huge amount of problems.

Colourful food - If you really must eat food, make it colourful.

Now, if your arthritis is actually FMS (Fibromyalgia) then it would make more sense for you to follow regimens for people with CFS than with arthritis. That would include maximum reduction of stress and exertion. For me, that often even means restricting light or noise, not to mention trouble-makers, assholes and relatives. It also involves catching up and up and up on sleep; restricted eating, and almost exact circadian patterns.

If there is one thing I could say to people with arthritis like issues, the most important thing, it would be this STOP EATING ANY SUGAR! I am not a doctor this is not medical or legal advice and I bow down to the idiot doctors and lawyers and take no responsibility for my life in any way whatsoever. Oh - wait ...
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Family Portrait

So, I am led to consider the likelihood that the deep state’s planned check-mate move in all this, is the role-out of 5G WiFi . 5G, with its determination to create a global satellite array designed to cover every last square inch of the planet, is designed to power this take-over by artificial intelligence. The AI take-over, in turn, is designed to power the global control system, and the global control system is to power the ‘internet of things’ which in turn is to power the ‘internet of everything’. It may not be in exactly that order, but what emerges are the preplanned moves of the final take-over. The New World Order.

Remember Dr Faustus, selling his soul to the devil? Well, the price of this 21st century contract is the end of humanity as we know it. People, unnacustomed to questioning or challenging authority and fearful of the vacuum created by its absence, want to create robots so they can be led by them; thus opening the way to perpetual slavery to a synthetic god of their own creation, while abandoning altogether any ties with the God who created them.

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The OTHER 'Canary in a Coal Mine' ...

“Sentinel Species of the 6th Mass Extinction”

Our blue planet is in the grips of the Sixth Mass Extinction: the best-case scenario projects that humans will add 300 gigatons of carbon to the oceans by 2100, while more than 500 gigatons will be added under the worst-case scenario, far exceeding the critical threshold, according to Daniel Rothman professor of geophysics and co-director of MIT’s Lorenz Center. By 2100, the carbon cycle will either be close to or well beyond Earth’s threshold for catastrophe.

“The predictions Daniel Rothman makes would have grave consequences for most of life on Earth,” Clark said in an email to “The rapid warming would cause major environmental changes that smaller, more fragile populations of species may not be able to keep up with adaptively. In addition to the loss of land area by rising ocean levels, marine ecosystems could also change, such as through the shifting or halting of major ocean currents. Current changes would have major impacts on food sources for whales and other marine predators. These major ecosystem changes would be a much larger concern than the loss of the PON1 gene.”

Read more at DAILY GALAXY

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It came from outer space - or the future!

There is a theory that special octopus genes came from outer space - (or, fancifully, from the future).  I, personally, would not dismiss the 'future' idea so quicly.  Remember, according to most theorists, time doesn't rally exist.  That means any phenomenon that might defy the logics of time, such as paranormal phenomena, need to be kept alive on yon table of hypothification. yo.

Click the pic for the story.

And here's a quote from the article of my previous post: "Dinosaurs may have ruled the land 66 million years ago during the Cretaceous period but the oceans belonged to the ammonites. But volcanic activity and climate change already placed ammonites under stress. The asteroid impact that ended the dinosaurs’ reign provided the final blow. Only a few dwindling species of ammonites survived. Today, the ammonites’ oldest surviving relative is the nautilus. Will it survive the sixth great extinction? Will the whales and marine mammals? Will the human species?"

The nautilus is the ancestor of the octopus.