September 20th, 2018

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Divers are attempting to regrow Great Barrier Reef with electricity

Note: This is great, but also another ironic band-aid. Like trying to stop an exploding dam by sticking your finger in this or that new hole.

We exert more energy in trying to stop the global warming that our energy has mainly caused. Like opening up the melted Arctic to ships and oil rigs, to create more CO2 - which ironically helps cool that region a little, as revealed in recent report).

Alternately, our expanding population of top-heavy meat-eaters creates giant hog manufacturing farms, which contribute to global warming and pollution, while it is Nature, evoked by our climate-tampering, that comes back to fight us, ironically, by washing all that into our rivers, etc., poisoning us.

We ironically try to stop up Nature, Nature ironically tries to stomp us out, caused by our own global warming. Need I mention that the rest of species are also in peril because of this(?)

And too also:

Climate change modifies the composition of reefs -

"Corals devastated by climate change are being replaced naturally by other species such as gorgonians, which are less efficient in acting as a carbon sink. A study has analyzes for the first time why gorgonians are more resistant than corals to human impacts and global climate change. "

Glacial engineering could limit sea-level rise, if we get our emissions under control -

"Targeted engineering projects to hold off glacier melting could slow down ice-sheet collapse and limit sea-level rise, according to a new study. While an intervention similar in size to existing large civil engineering projects could only have a 30 percent chance of success, a larger project would have better odds of holding off ice-sheet collapse. But the researchers caution that reducing emissions still remains key to stopping climate change and its dramatic effects. "
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Nerve cells in the human brain can 'count'

Nerve cells in the human brain can 'count' -

How do we know if we're looking at three apples or four? Researchers were able to demonstrate that some brain cells fire mainly for quantities of three, others for quantities of four and others for other quantities. A similar effect can be observed for digits: In humans, the neurons activated in response to a '2' are for instance not the same as the neurons activated for a '5'.
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Obviously, of course...

Child-Porn Investigation Caused New Mexico Observatory Closure: Report

FBI Agents Shut Down This New Mexico Observatory And People Suspected Aliens. It Was Child Perverts

Child Pornography Behind Sunspot Observatory Closure — But Is This Truth? — Otero County Sheriff Criticizes FBI Silence

Note: This is probably true, although everything is weird these days, you never know. If it is true, then notice how the authorities have been hiding the suspicion/crime of pedophilia - because it is best not to bring harm to our sacred priests scientists.

Anyone recall the other recent case of child abuse/pedophilia in NM? Yes, it was at some cult headquarters, or something - I can't go find the links for ya right now BUT.. Anyone notice how the press and authorities tended to hide that this establishment was another crazy Muslim cult of violence? Can't let that sort of info get out, now, can we?

Can't let out the true info - the NOT FAKE NEWS - about how 9/11 happened, and so on. What you don't know: Stay tuned for my upcoming and upstanding posts on these important matters and antimatters....

Btw - all speculations made in earlier 'SUNSPOT' posts still linger on through space and time and ring erratically in the eardrums of my mine...
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Polar Bears Having No Problem Adapting To Imminent Extinction

Polluted polar bears await the great Arctic land grab

As global warming melts the Arctic, all eyes are turning to the riches under the ice. But will polar bears survive the pollutants trickling into the food chain?

Heartbreaking Video Shows A Polar Bear On Iceless Land

Polar bear cub whose birth was captured in rare footage at Berlin Zoo, dies just four weeks later

Polar Bear Released Back Into The Wild

Land-based food not nutritionally sufficient for wild polar bears - (not sure if you can make this link work)

Really, we should wait until they are all dead before we conclude that global warming is the cause. That would be the most scientific, exxon thing to do.

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Arctic permafrost thawing faster than ever