August 27th, 2018

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Cuts to migrant projects fuel local tensions, warns report

Here's a report that reflects the same blind-spot that occurs in establishment WDC.  Yes, as long as immigrants are coming in, then they should get help, or else tensions will naturally occur.  But what the locals have in mind is reducing immigration, because immigration is, a priori, the actual problem.  Immigration is what is demanding either taxpayers help or else local tensions.  The report completely misses the view of the locals.  Rather, it is a production of think-tank bureaucracy by posh numbskulls only interested in appearing correct and keeping their jobs...

Cuts to migrant projects fuel local tensions, warns report

Lack of help to find English lessons and jobs is a barrier to integration, think-tank says

Repeated calls from ministers for migrants to integrate have been undermined by major cuts in key programmes designed to help them settle, a new study has warned.

A failure to help is also locking many new arrivals into low-paid work and helping to raise local tensions, according to a study by the Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank (IPPR). It found there had been dramatic cuts in funding for English lessons and other help, and that more than 37% of EU migrants are overqualified for their jobs in the UK.

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Once again - as long as there are immigrants, then the help is needed, for the immigrants' humanity, (as well as the quieting of the 'xenophobic' locals).  That does not mean that immigration levels may be good or natural.  With global warming, immigration has become a real problem worldwide!  It is unnatural to expect locals to dutifully accept it.
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What the Media Leaves Out of John McCain's Record of Misogyny and Militarism

A note la: There were complaints about that recent ONION post about McCain wanting his ashes shot into Iraq, (you saw it here).  I think that is the reason why the ONION is now making fun of John Lennon's death - just to appear fair.  (Great JL pic there, though).

OK - I don't really need to get into all the mars on John McCain's career, that he kept having to apologise for later.  (It is the attention-seeker who makes the mistakes prior to asking the forgiveness.  A truly honourable man doesn't have to come back and eat crow through crocodile tears).  For example - he promoted the Confederate flag for political gain; he promoted Trumpism by bringing on Palin as his VP running-mate; he was in the Saving and Loans Scandal; he was forever making testy remarks about people; he spoke against racism yet physically dissed Obama onstage at a presidential debate, and, worst of all, there was never ONE anti-privacy, pro-National Security, pro-corporate, pro-MILITARISM, PRO-WAR vote that McCain did not support!  This guy was a sham, crashing military airplanes like they were trash, and apparently being indoctrinated into militarism by fear of his captors and of his father.  Sure, he had some good cover-up speeches and all that - and no one is pure evil.  But this guy...

(Hey!  Does Alex Jones agree with me on this?  I haven't even read this article, because my computer has been trying to crash again...  BREAKING! Alex Jones Responds To John McCain’s Death & Lays Out His True History)

No, I don't feel the need to say all that.  What I really want to do is explain something that everyone and their monkey's uncle seems to be missing.  On the SURFACE, it may seem all nice and hippie democrat that John McCain often called for bi-partisanism.  But bipartisanism, in itself, is not inherently good.  When covered by the umbrella of elitist corporatism, as it is today, "bipartisanism", should be called what it really is: puppet DUOPOLY.

Today's bipartisan duopoly - beholden to Soros, the Kochs, the Deep State, the Military-Intelligence Complex, and elite families and corporations - just happens to advance all the causes that McCain kept popping up to endorse: Most prominently - endless WAR and the endless war economy!  In other words, real economic and environmental decline over time.

McCain ended up in the same camp as the Bushs, the establishment GOP, the Clintons, the DNC, and all the powerful forces manipulating them - including vast globalised corporations deeply invested in China - and now including all the Big Tech firms that are moving against internet freedom, who happen to be virtual allies of the Democrats.

The 'establishment' middle is no longer the dream of American unity - it is the property of grossly rich corporations who are calling the shots.  It is behind large swaths of both parties - including some of both Trump and Bernie vectors(!)  I have referred to this 'establishment' middle - a controlled majority - the 'FAUX MIDDLE' - because it is fake.  It is a lie - an affront to the American Dream of the past.  It is the consolidation of a power and wealth hierarchy, operating from the top down.

And who is th TRUE middle?  The great mass of American people who, despite being played off one against each other, group against group, (divided and conquered), all have one thing in common: Year after year, they are less well off than before.  Less relative pay.  More toxins.  Crappier housing and city services.  Expensive health care, education and borrowing.  Competition from rich kids from overseas.  Less jobs.  Less sanity.  Less freedom in a privatising world.  They are all the odd man out - and oddly in the majority - if it weren't for the fact that they keep getting goaded to go along with people like McCain and Clinton.

It would be the populist wing of the right, plus the populist wing of the left, that COULD form a solid new middle - were it not being constantly divided against itself - by both parties.  Instead, we keep being told we've got to 'come together' which means rejecting either populism, and coming under the rubric of establishment corporatism.  So.  Have you ever noticed that, as the decades go on, the more and more we say, 'we must come together,' the more that phrase becomes synonymous with, "we must bombs more countries!"???

THAT is why establishment, militarist McCain is being touted as being such a marvelous hero, and it's garbage.  It is sad, because millions of people like McCain - the silent generation, the boomers - are all premised upon dreams of the past.  But they keep pushing it and pushing it so far back into the past, that it makes the future become nothing but destruction.  It is delusion now.  A fake-out.  A lie.

We have more military that all countries on earth.  One nuclear missile has more firepower than that used in all past wars.  We are militant now in over 100 countries.  And yet we dare to incite this inevitable war with Syria, Iran and RUSSIA?  Just because the boomers once had to hide under their desks for fear of some evil USSR.

This is not the past.  It is OUR future.  The Borg mind-meld is now consuming Big Tech, into the whole Big Brother design.  Designing for failure.  John McCain was a broken man thinking he was doing right when he was in fact doing everything all wrong.  That's not my idea of a great Big Brother, right?  I've seen too much of that fuckery in my own sphere already.
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5000-year-old monument was built by a society without leaders

SEARCH in New Scientist for: '5000-year-old monument was built by a society without leaders'

And what's this?  Did you know?...

7 Surprisingly Ancient Artifacts That Suggest There's a Missing Link In Our History | Ancient Code

5.7 Million-Year-Old Footprints Challenge the History of Human Evolution | Ancient Code

10 Lost Cities Of The World You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

How our ancestors with autistic traits led a revolution in Ice Age art: The ability to focus on detail, a common trait among people with autism, allowed realism to flourish in Ice Age art -- ScienceDaily

ANCIENT HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE – What do Halos Really Represent?

I really doubt that whole giant footprint thing, but I think it is completely possible that there were earlier civilisations, even as other species. I do believe Homo Erectus was much more advanced and civilised than we presently realise. And, other intelligenet species may certainly have come and gone many millions of years ago.

It's like: One we thought it was impossible for the Earth to be going around the sun; or that we were not the centre of the universe. But then scientific tools showed us otherwise. Later, we thought it was impossible for life to exist elsewhere in the universe, and now we know that life is virtually guaranteed out there - amidst abundant amino acids, planets and water. We also thought Neandertals were dumb brutes but now we have been finding that they were as smart or smarter than us.

So, finding out that there may have been other civilisations many millions of years ago - even via visitations from aliens - well, this is all part of the process of us opening up our little tiny seed-like primate mind.

Do you know that the Earth might have been much smaller, and this is why the dinosaurs were so big? Because there was less gravity. And more oxygen. So they just skipped and hopped around like in a Disney movie. I don't know if this is true, but it is good to dream, right?

See also: 'Baghdad Battery'

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Neener - We can act just like you once did!

Here's an article from the best liberal magazine in the world, the Atlantic.  It says some of what I said in my recent 'review' - but at length and more boringly.

One Way That Crazy Rich Asians Is a Step Backward

Despite its groundbreaking nature, the film also takes care to represent its characters according to white norms.

Watching the gauche opulence on display in Crazy Rich Asians, it’s hard not to think of Fitzgerald’s musings on the perils of conspicuous consumption. The new film (adapted from the 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan) follows the Chinese American professor Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu) as she’s whisked away into the world of Singapore’s 1 percent to meet the family of her billionaire boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding). Replete with money shots of multimillion-dollar estates, super-yacht bachelor parties, and skyscraper-rooftop pools, the film flirts with messages about privilege, immigrant striving, and the disconnect between Asians and Asian Americans—before ultimately abandoning such ideas for a fairy-tale ending that cements the movie as a celebratory work of affluence-porn

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There are at least two other articles about this movie in the Atlantic.

See tag above for my post:  (movies - 'crazy rich asians')

Oh - btw - It is irritating to hear NPR go on about this movie having a, "diverse cast."  That is twisting the language a bit.  Like the word 'sex' became 'gender'.  In fact, this movie has a very limitted cast, made up mainly by Chinese people or people who are supposed to appear Chinese.  Same deal: An all-black movie has as diverse a cast as an all-white movie.  Let's get it real here.  Maybe we could call these movies, which mean to add diversity to the bigger picture, "ethnically indie," or something.