August 16th, 2018


Robinson Jeffers, 'Fire On The Hills'

Fire On The Hills

The deer were bounding like blown leaves
Under the smoke in front the roaring wave of the brush-fire;
I thought of the smaller lives that were caught.
Beauty is not always lovely; the fire was beautiful, the terror
Of the deer was beautiful; and when I returned
Down the back slopes after the fire had gone by, an eagle
Was perched on the jag of a burnt pine,
Insolent and gorged, cloaked in the folded storms of his shoulders
He had come from far off for the good hunting
With fire for his beater to drive the game; the sky was merciless
Blue, and the hills merciless black,
The sombre-feathered great bird sleepily merciless between them.
I thought, painfully, but the whole mind,
The destruction that brings an eagle from heaven is better than mercy.

By Robinson Jeffers
* - galaxy

Pre-election attack on Alex Jones continues as planned...

Along with illness, I have been thwarted online for the last 3 days. Waiting hours just to reach a site is crazy. And, I am sure much, if not all, of this is part of the great overall scheme of things. But, I won't get into all that cuz talking tech just turns people off and makes them think you are some nebulous conspiracy theorist. I will say it mainly began when I linked InfoWars, and it intensified when I did the Dems/Brennan post. I'm sure my global warming posts don't get me in trouble. ANYwhooo...

Alex Jones’ flagship radio station shut down by Federal Communications Commission -

Actually, my compu/net still isn't better, and this is why the links are incomplete.

Nice to hear Ben Gibbard back.

Note - If you have Windows 10 here is a good product to help retain privacy from MS -