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le 14 août 2018

InfoWars DOWN! -

Alex Jones issues red alert: Coordinated "treason" attack on America under way right now

They've been pulling this crap at the beginning of each week, trying to keep the issue as far away from the Sunday news shows as possible.  And they are doing this now right now in order to beat the 2018 midterm elections.

This is a very sad day for anyone interested in thinking for themselves.

We can look forward to Jones winning a few lucrative law suits in the future - but that will be AFTER the elections, so it doesn't matter.  Slap-suits just keep piling up on him, trying to bankrupt him.  This is dangerous insanity.  By zombies who don't even see the fault of it, or the evil of those leading them around by the nose.  Disgusts me.

Who's next?  Thom Hartmann?  Donald Trump?  YOU?

* - galaxy

Monsanto's Loss Is Our Gain

Posted on 2018.08.14 at 20:18




Vermont Democrat Christine Hallquist, ex-utility CEO, is 1st transgender major-party candidate nominated for governor

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