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le 12 août 2018

Magpie Goose - Anseranas semipalmata

Posted on 2018.08.12 at 01:43
Current Location: Kakadu - NT - Australia
Originally posted by sirterrywatts. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-08-12 01:43:00.

Sometimes an overlooked bird in this region is the Magpie Goose. Found nowhere else in the world this is a living fossil that survived the glaciation and extinction periods of the late Cretaceous and Paleogene period 67 million years ago. A remnant of the world from the period and vast lands of Gondwana.

This bid was genetically analysed and was found to be related to modern-day ducks, geese, and swans. However this bird unique to the anseranas 'screaming' bird taxonomy. As it is the earliest known bird to jump into this branch of classification. Possibly being the world's first honking waterbird. The things that make this bird unique are the non-webbed feet, and unlike other geese they remain able to fly all year around as they do not have a malting period.

This bird is now listed under conservation due to overhunting and is now of little concern due to these efforts. Today this common and sometimes overlooked bird decided to pose for a few photographs and was actually liking the attention.

Here we go again! US lawmaker says he was told Moscow played role in Charlottesville riots

The fact is that the media is trained to hype and run with these stories so no one ever really gets to know who is behind anything. Most probably, George Soros was behind Antifa, as he was proved to be behind BLM - in the interest of a free and open society, of course! Despite agitating violence there, as they did in Portland, Antifa keeps getting special treatment from the press, etc. Because they are liberally Anti-Trump.

Moral and ethical decisions, these days, are based on politics, or "likes".

I am reminded by a song by Robyn Hitchcock where the devil shows up in his bowl of cereal. The Russians are EVERYWHERE! Eeek!

* - galaxy

A sad and pathetic story...

Posted on 2018.08.12 at 12:55
I read a quote that the recent suicidal plane pilot, "had a few screws loose." I have come to think that most people in the Seatle area are batty. But the following guy is from Utah. Maybe it's the whole Western half of the country. Because, before the wildfires, there was also a rash of wild attack and zombie animals all over the West.

Anyway, this Utah douche is an example, writ large, of the pettiness of living in an urban environment, these days, rife with passive and micro-aggressions. Too bad, in clean, godly Utah, some people cannot take the pettiness anymore - (or the civil bureaucracy) - even in Utah. Well, there are so many examples of mass-shooters, wildfire-setters, abusers, beheaders, and so on - it's all sad. In the story below, nature and the innocent once again must suffer for the crimes of man...

Man says he killed city worker over yard rule ‘harassment’

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