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le 10 août 2018

* - galaxy

Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship

Posted on 2018.08.10 at 11:24
Even so, this article contains liberal bias, "because who doesn't hate Alex Jones?" This bias is precisely why Dems keeping losing unexpectedly - even Bernie people. The fact is that a huge amount of populists follow Alex Jones, who has been besieged by slap suits and lies, just to bankrupt him and shut him down. The Deep State / globalists want him OUT. First it is the far right, then it is the far left, then it is YOU, then the only thing the corporatising state will allow is the constitutional rights of MONEY.

The issue of free speech should always be BIGGER THAN POLITICS.

(As far as the RIGHT of private companies to censor people - that is fodder for another post).

* - galaxy

Dying Man Pierces Monsanto's Armour!

Posted on 2018.08.10 at 11:27

LINK HERE - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45152546

It is possible that Monsanto's "RoundUp" herbicide, an organophosphate, caused my CFS. All my problems began when I walked to a job interview, through a little run-off stream - and my feet turned beat-red. All sorts of terrible problems after that.

A little more about Bayer-Monsanto...

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Geoengineering Won't Save Our Crops

US wildlife refuges end ban on neonics and GM crops - BBC News

Perhaps 90% of all altruism is narcissism-for-the-species. Maybe another 5% is narcissism for all creation. And then another 5% would be pure godliness. Something around there like that.

This is the cute thing about humanitarianism. Because we all know it is right, right? We all know that if we do some simple 'christian' act, we are all aglow when it it is seen elsewhere in the world. We glow and burst inside.

We just attach.

I am dearly infatuated with how we influence each other, including in ways psychic - especially the latter. I am interested in memes, in viral contagions, in hipness, in advertising, in nuance influence, and in how we influence each other in both coincidental and psychic ways! I think I am still a step ahead of meta-data AI in this. Hopefully I shall die still a pioneer. Quickly to be carpetted over. More likely I will die a stiff. Dumped in NJ in a roll of carpet.

Whether this lately be called christian or liberalism or what-have-you

There is an olde man who hobbles by a lot, because all he does is scour for aluminum cans. I have written about this guy elsewhere in dribs and drabs. Homeless - although I think he may be secreted in a mausoleum. I have never seen anyone give him the time of day. If I would say HI to him, he would stop and blather from a block away, and this is why he ended up homeless.

I have stopped and given him bags of aluminum. And tried to say HI strategically. I don't know why he hasn't figured out how to live in a better way, but we cannot judge the misfortunate. Please, ok.

I get a lot of shit around here. A lot of petty competition. That can be used to advantage.

Today, while the homeless guy hobbled by, and we exchanged nomenclatures, a car pulled up and some guy got out and gave the homeless guy gave him money. This was a black guy going out of his way to give an old white guy money.

I take credit.

In so much as I belong to humanity, I take credit. I want that black guy to think the same. We take credit for all HUMANITY. Because I have advanced all I could around here the support of the poor or weak against the bullies, white or black. After almost 6 years now, someone pulls up right in front of me, and "competes with me" by giving this guy money, right out in daylight for everyone to see.

I have yet to do the post about, "my influence," but this is what I am talking about. Maybe you influence people for the good - it is almost as easy as influencing people for the bad. Except - when you influence people for the good, you cannot take direct credit. Why? Because the act of goodness comes from FREE WILL. Even if it arose from some kind of competition. You must remember the limits of your existence, my friend. There is only so much you can know or control. Let others do good and then be done with it.

What you CAN take credit for is ALL OF HUMANITY. Because we are all the same in this vain endeavour. Ok? I think I Have said enough.

Narcissism for the species.

Woo Hoo!

Humanity: Own it.

(PS - Julian Asange is the John Brown of our era).

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