August 2nd, 2018

crazy face

Giant Heads Await Us, If We Would Only Look

This is a rambling bloggy thing, but still has some good points, so.  Also, we can also find big heads after we turn ourselves into Greys using CRSPR, which should take about 100 years - and we will all be small so we don't eat the entire plant.  It will be incredible.  And we will be orange.  Orange!  Also - I remind everyone that you should always read all news with a grain of salt because it is all fake, all of it, ALL OF IT.  For example, FOX may report that the bones of giants have been found when they have only been bones of mastadons.  Really.  Although.  They probably use a green screen to make it look real.  Like the time they reported from Madison, Wisconsin, and there were palm trees all over the background.  That's back when we used to wear Onions on our belts...