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le 01 août 2018

One scary map

Posted on 2018.08.01 at 01:21
Originally posted by katiecregon. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-08-01 01:21:00.

Most of these fires are not huge, but two are of serious consequence. The Ferguson fire has closed Yosemite for almost a week. That's kind of like closing Harrod's in the middle of Xmas season.  The other serious blaze is the Carr fire. It is much bigger than Ferguson and is on the edge of Redding, a town of almost a hundred thousand people.  Historically the worst month of fire season is October. 

‘Collusion is not a crime,’ says Trump, as Mueller-Manafort trial begins

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‘Ridiculous propaganda’: Users slam NATO’s online fake news game

Before such ideas were arising in proven science, I theorised that Australian Aborigines, and related New Guinears, were more-than-average related to Neandertal. (Not a bad thing, because Neandertal was not a 'backwards' species, in my estimation, contrary to the popular view). After a lot of study, I postulated that Neandertal might even have originated from SE Asia and Australia, before moving to cooler climes. Or, more likely, Sapiens-(Neandertalish) emigrated down there first, and then back up again to Europe, finally wiping out predominate pure Neandertals. Generally speaking, I called all this the, "Out of Australia Theory," mainly as a mnemonic device. That was back when only Europeans were said to be somewhat related to Neandertal, (by a small percentage). Lately, my rough ideas have basically been confirmed. Now, SE Asians and Aussie Aborigines are known to be more closely related to Neandertal. And the word is that there were migrations into and out of Australia much earlier than thought. In fact, I continue to put the salient event back by 70,000 years, after the Tuva supervolcano explosion, which altered global climate. This post is not an attempt to discuss all that wonderful topic. I just want to pass along a thought that occurred to me now...

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Note: Research the ff for upcoming posts: Ley lines; My somewhat recent post called "The Shape of Consciousness'.  You might find the former doing an internet search, and the latter via one of my tags listed above (consciousness).

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