June 30th, 2018

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Jerks Can Be Found Wherever There Is Intelligent Life — And We Need to Stop Them

Here's a sort-of opinionated article which is fun.  It lists many traits which it believes are carried by jerks - many of which can also be found in narcissists and assorted psycho's.  Of course, since this is Alternet, it not-so demurely implies that what it is really talking about is Donald Trump.  After all the study of groups and politicians on both Left and Right - and all those owned by the corporate middle - I have come to the conclusion that jerks are mainly elected into office by a society of jerks.  A conspiracy of dunces.  Believe me, there is far more richness of jerkiness out there in backwater America than one will ever find animating a demon like Trump or Clinton.  The main difference is that the narcissism of the latter somehow elevated them to the top of the sour pale of milk called social networking. Maybe, on average, every American may have 1/4 the the jerkiness of a Trump or a Clinton, but when you combine the jerkiness of all those millions of people?  That is one huge jerk.

Jerks Can Be Found Wherever There Is Intelligent Life — And We Need to Stop Them...

"They use their extraordinary powers only to accumulate more power to themselves though often pretending it's for the greater good."

(See also: Narcissists 'irritating but successful' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-44601198).

Mind you, that byline should be recognised as not letting most liberals, puritan busybodies and fundamentalists, off the hook. The main thing jerks want - is control. Even when they're walking down the street dumbly hoping their dark sunglasses will somehow transform passer-by's into something new and wonderful to their arc of glory, all that is is a simmering, walking controllaholism, right? Yes, right. Jerks are inherently weak, out of control, and generally a scourge upon the planet. Most studies bear this out.

For a more pedantic review of this massive problem, here are some of my tags - especially the first one. (I am going to have to see if I can merge some of these tags). Maybe you might easilly access the relatively recent link re: "How to deal with jerk people," (or whatever), in Psychology Today. Not sure if it's tagged below.

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"We - (the IN crowd) - need to stop them..."

Note: Today, I have been thwarted and stalled by -
1 - CFS brain/fatigue
2 - so-called computer
3 - annoying neighbours in the heat...

Outside of this bedroom, the whole apartment is sweltering eek. Seriously, my dog and I might be dead by now if not for the fact that, after 5 years, I finally got an air conditioner. Happy dog. Count your blessings. One.

Made a bunch of roasted veggies last night, despite the entire kitchen being filled up with my sweat. The whole shack shimmies.

Global warming what a jerk.