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May 20th, 2018

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Tree-House Raid

1,500 French riot police renew expulsions of protesters from ‘eco-camp’

The activists justified living in the rural camp by having created their own farming community. In an attempt to be legally accepted, the activists have filed applications to authorise their agricultural projects. However, according to French authorities, some requests are either still being evaluated, or have been declined. The Minister of Agriculture, Stephane Travert, insisted that expulsions only concerned those whose projects weren’t approved and “who had nothing to do on the site.” Such individuals “will have to leave,” the Minister said.
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Everything for $3

This could be good...

  1. Brandless’ Sells Generic Online Groceries for Just $3


    There’s a new online retailer for shoppers who hate Big Food brands and/or love multiples of three. It’s a start-up called Brandless, based in San Francisco, that yesterday started selling generically packaged supermarket staples for $3, no matter the item. The goal is to “democratize goodness ...