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le 12 avril 2018

Why are we rushing headlong into Syria and possibly WW3?  Because a vast military-industrial establishment, and its political-financial-intelligence wing referred to as the deep state, has succeeded in hamstringing Trump, and at pushing in two of its agents, in order to advance the causes of MILITARY SPENDING and of economic conquest over Russia and its sphere of influence.  These to are Mike Pompeo, former CIA head, now SECRETARY OF STATE; and John Bolton as director of the nefarious NSA (National Security Agency).  In the past, Pompeo is a Neo-Con who has sought regime changes in Iran and N.Korea. Bolton was a founding member of the GOP 'PNAC', responsible for the militant Neocon course we are on today.  (Please search 'PNAC', and/or, 'PNAC and the end of the world').  Both the Bush administration and Hillary Clinton and the Establishment Dems have merged into this Neo-Con / Neo-Liberal conspiracy, which is now in control again).

In Pompeo's view, years of soft policy toward Russian aggression are “now over.”  (Fox)

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