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le 11 mars 2018

* - galaxy

broke back journal

Posted on 2018.03.11 at 05:18
Again, my computer froze, last night. Tried to fix it but by this morning it was still frozen. So, what I do in this case is to do a shut-down and when it asks me to FORCE the shut-down or to CANCEL, I choose the latter. This ends the browser but sometimes some info is saved, like history. No history this time, and no returned tags. So, that means I lost all the tags I had which were to be put towards posts for you, dear reader.

Now I am having probs w/ LJ, possibly due to something on my end. I tried to make one comment but I don't know if it ever got through. If not I can try again later.

The man downstairs has been gone for a few days - or so he pretends. Once again, he has been pretending to be away, whilst actually hiding down there. What part of that is not mental illness? Now he is back to turning on and off his light when I go out in the morning. So, this means that he will soon get back to the point of BANGING and SLAMMING when he thinks I am asleep. I have honestly never known anyone with this kind of craziness, although the Nether People pulled similar pranks. I managed to finally get rid of them, but the LL will do nothing about this guy since is a WHITE MALE. So disgusting. He lies about everything he does.

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