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le 14 février 2018

The crazy man downstairs is back at it...Réduire )

Craziness. CRAZINESS!

What movie did I watch?Réduire )

At least the main character in the second part of this post confronts the need to grow up. That doesn't happen with the main character of the first part of this post.

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Some months ago, I began writing a post about CFS, which I thought I would also post over at my site for real-life friends and relatives, as a part of my Xmas letter.  I thought it would be good to post, especially for my doctor to read about some particular insights I had gained.  I never finished it, maybe I never will.  So, this is the text of that unfinished post....

(Caution: This post has no entertainment value whatsoever).

CFS - In ParticularsRéduire )

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