February 13th, 2018

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Pan paniscus

I am posting about Bonobo's because they are amazing. They are an encouragement to the human race, even as our stupidity sends them out of existence. One of my favourite, "Empathy of Animals," posts is about a Bonobo. You are encouraged to find out more via my tags.

It is apt that this species is named Pan. Pan was the wistful god of creativity and fun. He unleashed chaos upon the world. And when you think of Pan, you may think: Pan-sexuality! Blame it on Pan.

Also, I FINALLY found the story abut the man who is related to Bonobo's, as are we all. I always loved that story as an example of how we are all related, not in some hierarchy, but across geography, across species, across time. So, I am making this post not only to highlight Bonobo's, but to emphasize this point. We are all related. We usually do not evolve via some hierarchical lineage, or via one single, "out-of-Africa," sort of scheme. In the same way, my take is that we did not all come from some universal, "Big Bang."

In the same way that the, "Out of Africa," theory is said to be a Christian, racist rationalisation of Euro-evolvement, overseen by One God, I think that the, "Big Bang," is a rationalisation of planetary evolution based on another Biblical concept of time. That is NOT to say that I completely discard hierarchical or linear influences in any evolution, which would be absurd. However, I always argue for a more nuanced understanding of time, which includes multifactoral influences, correlations, and co-creations.

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Speaking of kindness and all that... The sweetest people are in Cameroon. And they have the most amazing music!!!
pink floyd - dark side

Cat Food

I recently checked out a DVD movie: "North Country" - which I remember hearing about when it first came out. Great movie, and also a little biased - but that's a topic for later. Well, it starred Charlize Theron, whom I had never heard of before. Beautiful yet plain, and very good acting. Who is this person? Tonight, I walked to the library, grabbed a few more DVDs - including another movie w/ Charlize Theron, just by chance. Then I walked to the cinema and saw a movie. As I was leaving, I saw a placard for an upcoming movie called "Gringo" - staring... Charlize Theron!! What is going on?! To quote from Seinfeld: "Is everybody Charlize Theron?!"

What movie did I see tonight? Put the following movies together..

Raiders of the Lost Arc
Hotel Budapest
Beauty and the Beast

That's right, it was, "The Shape of Water." An excellent movie. It has everything - except for an actual chase scene. Highly recommended. There were a few little flaws, mainly 'anachronisms'. Don't bring your cat because a cat gets eaten by a fish in the movie, an ironic twist of fate, wouldn't you say?