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le 20 janvier 2018


the spirit-stealers

Posted on 2018.01.20 at 06:40
I've been thinking of ways to spice up this journal.

Oh, I know! I should post pics of birds taken from a mile away. On electrical wires! On a grey, drizzly day! I love my city!

You ever think about how people think it is OK to take pics of animals but they never ask permission from the animals? Maybe those animals don't WANT their pics taken!

Maybe they don't want their spirits STOLEN.

Like the dream-keepers in Aussieland.

More on the latter later...

In my little town, there is a weird, refrigerated truck that goes around, dropping off ice cream sorts of things to desperate residents. It is one, singular truck, which looks like it was designed to drive through war zones. It always seemed strange to me. Schwan's. Schwan's frozen foods.

The other day, my computer was hit by an attack. It was harmless because I had blocked it once before. The IP was again pathologically hitting port 500, trying to get in. It just kept hitting and hitting and hitting. Trying to get into my computer. Completely out of the blue. (Btw - this is not the attack I have had to go offline to deal with, for a few days).

So, I traced the IP to - yep - Schwan's Sales Enterprises, or some such name. But, it was Schwan's, the same people who run the refrigerated truck in town. Apparently, they have an internet spy division which just kinda dithers around trying to spy on everybody in the Midwest, hoping they will be businesses, or something...

(Disclaimer: Since many IP's can contain a number of different sites/etc., then it is not 100% possible to say that this was definitely Schwan's, but there is a probability that it was).

Well, I followed this further and found out that Schwan's is no stranger to spying. I guess it made some kind of boring business history by spying on DiGiorno's Pizza. Here's what I found...

Pizza-Gate: Corporate Spies: The Pizza Plot

Once again: Conspiracies are the odour of the day.

* - galaxy


Posted on 2018.01.20 at 12:59
This is interesting to me because I have postulated something similar. I have seen a possible relationship between present Aussie Aboriginals and Europeans as well as Neandertals. Also, I have noticed that there have been several examples of very human-like primates emerging in South East Asia, including, "The Hobbit People," Gigantopithicus, Orangutans, and others. But, around 74-75 thousand years ago, there was a major eruption of a supervolcano down there, which surely decimated the human populations regionally, and also hit it globally. This is probably the genetic, "bottleneck," which many scientists describe. (It is fortunate that we are consequently so genetically similar, in many respects). My theory was that Erectus, Chimpbono types came out of Africa into S.E. Asia, and developed into more human forms, and then dispersed outwards, before and after the supervolcano eruption. There is a problem with apes remaining in one ape-like place, which is that apes keep other apes from diverging into alternate forms. Culling.

New Evidence Suggests Aboriginal Australians Ancestral to Modern Eurasians

Actually, I have become opposed to the whole idea of out-of-ANYTHING. Yes, migrations have had salient influences, but I do feel that the greater influence has been though cross-regional, "static," evolution. If you don't understand what I mean, please ask questions. I have a powerful migraine, lol...

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