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le 08 décembre 2017

Lord's Prayer: Pope Francis calls for change

Speaking personally, having a storied background in advertising and heretic poetism, I'd say that my phrase in the title of this post should work just fine. Other alternatives are too clunky.

Having been alive for several thousand years, you know how I feel about this pope - the best pope EVER. If you don't like this pope then you are either a Zionist-like hyper-Catholic, or you just hate the Catholic church in general. (Interesting that those two categories, in conflict, always seem to cause all the problems). This pope dares to play rope-a-dope, and whack-a-mole, with career sinners, using little more than a piece of holy soap-on-a-rope. If he says the Lord's Prayer has to be upgraded, and there is no kind of Catho-Wiki open-source doing that, then God bless him.

I can understand how the prayer should reflect a more mature, caring, regulatory father, for which his church is a virtual stand-in. Fathers are supposed to steer their flocklings in safer, more productive directions - certainly not towards temptation.

However, in a more scientific, philosophical or non-in-group view, I really think that "god" does lead us into temptation - because temptation is really good! Have you ever tried it?!  It's only after the event, or through the gossips and rules of society, or during a very bad hangover, that temptation proves to have taken one a little far afield - at least this time...

Actually, more than this, "temptation," mainly means, "towards extremity". Extremes are usually never good, whether they be of excess or of poverty. The same temptation that leads us towards endorphin highs, like during or after running, turkey, sex or Lotto Tickets, is also the temptation which leads us FURTHER - towards cocaine - or gluttony, etc. It is all a matter of moderating the temptation that god, i.e., Elon Musk, has already put into us.

There are also natural "temptations" which can be perverted into excesses of poverty, self-denial, deference, selflessness, altruism, martyrdom, passivity, anorexia, self-harm, masochism, denial - and even cancer - all of which can go too far, to no good end. A church or cult or group may be just as immoral in demanding folks follow these temptations of poverty or denial, as would any group demanding that folks wallow in temptations of excess. Both may be destructively anti-social, depending on your frame of reference, i.e., in-group versus wider society or economy.

The Ancient Greeks had their own maxim to cover a world of sins: "Everything - in moderation!" - except for maybe in wine, pedophilia or warfare. We choose our sins, as we choose out battles. Every life is an Odyssey under construction.

Nevertheless, there is ample room for the view that there should be an over-father telling us to stay away from, "bad things," as opposed to, "good things." That is a comfortable, simple, familiar sort of order. A measure of black-versus-white can be a grease for the greater wheels on the ongoing march of civilisation. But, too much fundamentalism for any one individual? Never a good thing, in my opinion. Those sorts of people like to tear down skyscrapers, and all that.

I personally feel that it is psychologically easier, and healthier, when one may graduate into self-control, in the moderation of one's own, "temptations." But, the pope has a right to his opinion, I guess, lol. There are many paths to the same enlightenment, success, or ecstatic jumping-off of the planet, into the infinite void of nonexistence. "If you don't know where you're goin', Any road will take you there."

Well, there may be a problem with the pope's radical change, however. Say, 700 years down the road, presumably when the Vatican is located on the moon, someone might consider the above concept of gradualism, and wonder exactly where does "god" begin and end, when it comes to the continuum referred to as "temptation." If god made endorphins, but supposedly not cocaine, then wouldn't the Devil be the one controlling half the sway of human nature?

So, this leads to the question, "Just what do you mean by, "God"? 'Someone' controlling everything including the Devil and his temptations, (thus meaning that god may ultimately lead us towards temptation), or 'someone' pulling strings on the left, while the Devil is sitting on the right, pulling and cutting and making a whole lot of mess, independently leading us away from god and into temptation?

This is a metaphysical question - like "The number of angels on the head of a pin" - completely irrelevant to the more juvenile family of man. But to theologians, stuff like this becomes a hot potato, leading indirectly to lots of bloodshed, massive fissures, etc., surprisingly yes?

Well, YOUR Allah doesn't control everything, but OUR Allah controls even the Devil!"

So begins the fish-slapping dance.

A day after the anniversary of D-Day, John Lennon was shot by a man who now lives with his father next to a very rich golf course, with a bracelet on his ankle. By the quirks of chance and underground politics, some people have all the luck. How does it feel to be?

I used to post on this day a lot more intensely, which you might partly find via my LJ tag. Here is a JL song I never heard before. Yoko Ono took it from a JL demo, including a metronome, and produced it up just a little. I would add this song to, "Free As A Bird," and, "Real Love," as posthumous gems...

Grow Old With Me

Grow Old With Me - (Postal Service)

Hard Times Are Over - Yoko Ono, 1974

I Just Shot John Lennon - The Cranberries

I find it interesting and curious that Lennon was finally killed just as the Reagan machine was moving in. There are virtually no accidents in politics. This applies to the age of Trump today...

Lennon and others, like Pink Floyd, were greatly an uprising against the great wars that had happened to their parents and grandparents, as empire faltered. With most of the protestors killed off or neutralised by 1980, the stage was set for the great narcissistic flowering of the baby boomers, from about 1983-1993, which was based largely on debt and lying and big hair. Remember this. The great flowering of the millenials should be coming about 2020-2030. More to say on these things soon...

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