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le 03 décembre 2017

I, too, have been a bastard. In my funkadelic years at the deli, we had the greatest gang - we would all go out dancing, drinking, parties, drugs, camping, movies, studying, sex, and so on. Three of us once broke into the local zoo - only one of us got caught. What a night! Jello shots were to blame.

Things started winding down when people started getting pregnant. One friend (#1) told me that she was having an abortion - or had had an abortion - I forget which. Confidentially, I suggested she talk to another friend who had just had an abortion, saying that they would surely have a lot to share, and could help each other.

I don't remember how I knew the other friend (#2) had had an abortion. She might have told me, but it is more likely that her boyfriend, (who was my best friend at the time), told me. Anyway, when friend #1 contacted friend #2, the latter got very angry at me. So, she unloaded on me: "How could you tell someone something so private?!" It was hell, following from good intentions... It was discouraging that my progressive hopes, disguised as meddling, had tumbled down, when our whole group had always been so daringly progressive!

Later, she came up to me and said that she had talked with friend #1. About their abortions. It was really productive. She said that I had done the right thing.

So, you see, I have also been a bastard.

You know what? If some common Joe - the type of guy Trump was supposed to represent - ever Tweeted online the way that Trump does, the FBI would be on his ass, and he would be thrown in jail as a possible terrorist, or as a threat to national security.

I think the best thing we could do would be collect all the tweets made by everyone, average them all out, and let them run the country instead.

Things Japanese/related to check out...

Haruki Murakami - "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" (1995 novel)

Kazuo Ishiguro - "Never Let Me Go" (2005 novel) - "Never Let Me Go" (2010 film).

(Ang Lee is an American from Taiwan, which isn't that far from Japan. And he is a Buddhist. So.  I'm including him even though I shouldn't. He's made some pretty good movies, like: Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm, Brokeback Mountain, and, Taking Woodstock).

"Unbroken" (2014 film) - by Laura Hillenbrand (CFS; "Seabisquit"; main TAG) & Angelina Jolie

Aokigahara: "The Sea of Trees" (2015 film) - by Gus Van Sant and written by Chris Sparling

Japanese Gardens - A gift to the world!

Japan's cherry blossoms get winter makeover

Controlling Adult Japanese Beetles in the Garden

While diving off the coast of Japan, divers never expected to come across this - note: by 7000 BCe, the oceans had stopped their overwhelming rise.

One of my Favourites! - VISUALISE HERE

Cheap Trick Wants YOU!

George Takei responds to allegations of sexual abuse, …

David Suzuki

Michio Kaku


10 Contemporary Japanese Writers You Should Know

Famous Authors from Japan

Best Japanese Books (535 books) - Goodreads

Akita The Bear-Hunter!

Hachikō / Hachi: A Dog's Tale

"Hiroshima" (1946 book - by John Hersey) - main TAG

Hiroshima / Nagasaki / Fukushima - (the main tags) - Oh, ooops, look, another earthquake!

Japan - main TAG

Go ahead, add your own to the list! This post was partly inspired by meowmensteen, a geisha at Seattle's Japanese garden of creeping mimes and sleeping gnomes, also seen HERE.

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