October 24th, 2017

* - Elephant of Life

Table 19

Table 19. This like, "The Breakfast Club," but for old people, and more of them, with lots of old 80's music, too.

Here's a crappy movie that's fun to watch. I don't have much regard for Rotten Tomatoes, but here's a good quote anyway...

The film's critical consensus reads, "Table 19," is marginally more entertaining than actually sitting with a table full of strangers at a wedding—although most screenings won't come with an open bar, which makes it a wash."[13]

Well, I do think this is the main selling point of this movie - and I think this is what the writers, etc., were meaning to capture: The weirdness of be relegated to the "random" table at a wedding. The movie does hit this theme emotionally a little. But there is also a lot of disjointed hokiness and quasi-drama. Not all jokes hit their mark, to say the least. Still, it's OK to watch, if you don't have a better movie lined up.

This WEDDING theme is great but it is being bled dry. The Wedding Singer, The Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Planner.... bla bla blah. My Big Fat Greek... How much more you can do on this?...

I think Anna Kendrick is fairly great. But I don't think she has even been given a movie that was really - I mean really - suitable for her. Maybe the Twilight stuff, which I haven't seen.

I also think that Lisa Kudrow keeps getting into sub-par movies possibly because that's all that is given her. I once thought she was great but now she always looks so tired and old. Now, it's starting to look like this: If Lisa Kudrow is in a movie, it isn't a great movie.

"Table 19," is a 2016 movie. You'd think that they'd figure out how to make it better by now, but all they really got the swing of was mundane dialogue like, "Uh, huh." Then they try to plug in all this quasi-vulgarity, which it never needed. WHO was the audience supposed to be for this movie? People at a rejects wedding table? Not going to fly.

Still, this movie will be mildly enjoyable if you don't have much else to do.

I cannot guarantee you that the love interest will turn out the way you want it to - as they had to re-arrange it in, "Pretty in Pink."