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le 04 octobre 2017

* - galaxy

Late-Faking News!

Posted on 2017.10.04 at 15:45
Thank you, NPR, for focussing on the rumours that Rexxon Tillerson might have thought of quitting - a completely pointless topic. That's a really wise use of air space, when we have hurricanes and mass extinctions, etc., going on. The only thing worse than Trump is 24/7 gossip about Trump. How I relish this endless waste of time. I DON'T CARE I DON'T CARE!

A far more important story was, of course, poor Teresa May choking on her speech, pulling a Hillary, shall we say. Maybe that's what happens when politicians try to pretend they are Margaret Thatcher, because that is what both of them were doing...

Anyway, things are looking great for Corbyn. These weird things had to happen, as a bookend to the era of Supply-Side. It will be over soon, I promise...

xmas - santa "ho"

Portends mass destruction...

Posted on 2017.10.04 at 16:34
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Children look away now! For Turkish archaeologists believe they have found the tomb of the original Santa Claus.

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