August 21st, 2017

* - Elephant of Life

"Why, lookie, Ray. If that ain't one hell of a sunspot!"

I was really looking forward to my eyes melting today. That's one experience I haven't had yet. But, it looks like there will be no eclipse in these parts...

As usual, I took my dog out front at around 11:am. When we were back inside, and settled down, I tried to convey to him, "It's coming! It's coming! No light! No light is coming outside!" These are all words, (and phrases), he understands. He wasn't too interested. But suddenly he got it, and he popped up in alarm! Seriously. I think that he was able to figure this out partly because he also had an awareness in his bones, of some coming weirdness. So, I think I helped key him into that nature. Otherwise, both he, and crazy psychopath downstairs, have been a little jumpy, etc., lately, probably because this alignment has a similar effect as a full moon. Plus - the weather...

almost immediately after I made the prophesy to my dog, it began getting really dark - because of big dark accumulating rain clouds. So, in a hour or so, it will probably be super dark when the eclipse happens above the clouds. I had found two extremely dark sunglasses, at least one of which was a medical pair. I was going to wear both of these, plus my polarised clip-on sunglasses. And then my eyes would have melted. I decided not to let my dog outside, in case he damaged his eyes. So, we will just stay in and get dark together.

No matter, I dreamt about it last night - which was pretty great. First, I saw the small dark moon headed for the sun, creating more of a donut-like eclipse. Suddenly, I realised that I was now staring at an eclipse and I was done for. But there was more later - maybe another dream. In this episode, there was an eclipse, but also amazing colours all along the horizon up to the sky: electric oranges, and pinks, etc. So, that was my once-in-a-lifetime experience - in my head, as usual. (I am just happy not to be feeling ill today!)

Of course, I am now hearing the eclipse roll in, via NPR. It sounds like a great, fun experience for people, especially kids. It's nice to see something festive like this, going on in our country, even though it will eventually cause a super-quake and the Midwest will completely disappear beneath the oceans. It's been good to know you.

Oh, and remember: If you have sex during totality, you will conceive transsexual vampire hockey players. Enjoy!