August 5th, 2017

* - Elephant of Life

Living Large

I got my table today! Yesterday, I spent all day on the super-slow intertrap, getting ready to order it online. But I wanted to find a promo-code (coupon) online, but I never did. Since the sale ends today, I decided to wait to see if I could manage a bus ride which I had scheduled for this morning, but which is the sort of thing which is usually impossible for meh. As it happens, even though the freak downstairs is making more heart-shattering BANGS, etc., I got away with sleeping last night in the sacrosanct back room, unbeknownst to him, and sheltered from the electric gods of wifi. I GOT GOOD SLEEP + I added a few micro-naps here and there.

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The next post will probably be about Bob Dylan...