June 9th, 2017

hal sparks says thanks


I can't think of any current LJ friends who go back earlier than glitterophelia. She became ill some years back, and then became homeless. Now she and her family are homeless again. What a tough life she has been having. If you can help her out, please try. We LJ people need to stick together.

crazy - myspface

pinball gizzard

Just another day out.  This time, I stopped by the bank and began looking for a banker.  I totally predicted what would happen next.  Indonesian Girl started yelling across the bank, "Can I help you?  Hellooo..."  So, I yelled really loudly and waved my arms over my head wildly, "HellOOO!"  This made American Girl laugh.  Indonesian Girl is really annoying.  She is a self-inportant little control freak.  American Girl likes it when I don't make life easy for her.  Polish Girl stands by and watches in amusement and confusion.

I asked the banker if she would give me a micro-loan based on collateral.  I showed her an uncirculated 1/4 oz. Gold Eagle, currently worth $381.26.  All I wanted was a couple hundred for an air conditioner.  They don't do collateral loans, unless it's an auto.  Stupid business decisions.  She advised me to get a store credit card.  I told her I make as much money as a Southern black sheer-cropper in 1963, which is true.  I told her that if I needed to, I could, "sell," my coin - but I didn't want to.  I said I was waiting for Donald Trump to destroy the economy so the price of gold skyrockets.  Which is basically true.

When I was leaving, American Girl went out of her way to give me a big kind smiling face and greeting.  And, I tell ya - I am tired of it.  I don't know what to do with her.  She was so weird last week.

I took out 5 more movies at the library - always good stuff - except two Adam Sandler movies this time, lol.  Then I caught the bus.  The short Hispanic guy in the fedora picked me up.  He was drinking something from a cup.  It really smelled like beer.  I preferred to rest and yawn, rather than try to focus on him, talking, with the air-conditioner behind me drowning out his voice.

"Elvis would have loved this town."


"The bus rides are all shook up."

"Oh, ahuh.  His hips would be shaking."

"I just made that up right now..."

Then he kept talking about roads, but I couldn't hear him.

I got to the big box manly store.  One guy was so infinitely nice, explaining how to apply for a credit card, showing me AC accessories, etc.  He took up all my time.  Sometimes, these townies.  And, in Walmart, people would turn left into a lane, but they would cut the corner so tight, they'd end up coming down the lane right at you.  I mean - they don't observe the rules of the road: "Stay to your RIGHT."  So many people were doing this I swore some camera must have been punking me.

This weekend will be super hot.  Not good for dog.  I don't know how or when I will get an AC.  I must install it from the inside, so I checked out braces for ACs, and they cost another $35.  I have to figure out what I can do about this.  My dog food is being shipped to me soon, and I have to decide whether to cancel it - to try to afford an AC.  (I couldn't even afford stamps). Even if I did afford one, somehow, I couldn't use it because there is no way I could also afford the brace, at least until next month.  Here is an AC that looks good, except not a quality brand name(?).  http://www.shopko.com/product/entity/164149.uts  Any comments or leads?