June 8th, 2017

bloody hell

Going to the Polls in a Handbasket

Voters Head To The Polls In The U.K.

The other day, Theresa May stood up and addressed her minions on the terror of Islamaniacs, and how she expects to keep the UK strong and so on. It was as if all three of the recent terrorist attacks might even have been scripted, (just before the election), just to bring this conservative massive support from the cowering masses, (similar to such plays in other countries, perhaps). Like Hillary Clinton, Theresa May was putting on her strong woman suit, pretending to be the UK's Modern Churchill, Margaret Thatcher. But, there are some big differences between the Margaret Then and Theresa Now, such as:

Thatcher had:
- Ronald Reaganism
- An 'economy' improving on her watch
- The Falklands victory

May has:
- Donald Trumpism
- An economy continuing to falter
- Three tragic terrorist events on her watch

Even though she says that she may be willing to suspend some people's rights for the salvation of Security, (yay!), people know that she has slashed the budget for anti-terror Police in the past. Even though she insists on supporting Brexit in the future, people know that she was against it in the past. Even though Jeremy Corbyn is apparently something of a flaky knucklehead, albeit progressive, people know that he might not be worse than May in being tough, once they got past their fear and saw that she didn't prevent those recent terrorism events. Something of an emotional revelation.

Instead, she is giving a Conservative (& Clintoneque) song-and-dance, promising safety, while being responsible for the threat. This is not unlike the standard conservative promise of a better economy, when the conservatives themselves are responsible for destroying the economy, (other than the economy of their friends).

Young people are coming out to vote for Corbyn. (Young people are what helped Bernie, although urban young tended to vote pro-Brexit in Britain). And, it just may be possible that many of the old-fashioned British bulldog types to throw up their conservative hands and say, "At least Corbyn is a man." So, an upset is possible. The momentum is with Corbyn, the liberal/progressive. Races here have shown that the polls don't always update close enough to the election to represent the momentum, and so to be reliable.

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This Day in History

June 8, 1967 - Israel's dirty little secret, (one of them). It's not like Israel (and Saudi Arabia) was not also involved in 9/11, ISIS, anti-Iran, and so forth. And I don't know anyone who would deny that the expansionist Israeli abuse of the Palestinians has not been NAZI-like...

The Intercept: Fifty Years Later, NSA Keeps Details of Israel’s USS Liberty Attack Secret

Here are two links on the subject, which I cannot link to, and so cannot vouch for...

(Mind you, I am an official Mensch, in case you don't know).

Israel's CLEAN little secret! - (Note that this link will come again in another post).

rockin' 1967 - The year which unleashed all the crazy gay people! (lol)

(Note that I have one or two other significant posts on the USS Liberty, which have apparently not yet been tagged).

World Gone WILD - Part One

You should have seen, "March of the Penguins," by now, uh. In this docu-movie, we encounter what appears to be the most vile mammal on Earth, the Leopard Seal, who makes a career of viciously swallowing innocent penguins. (Also featured in related documentaries). When I saw the horrid exploits of this seal, I could not help but feel anger towards it. But, in the following interview, you will see that this species of marine mammal is not so different from the beloved Killer Whales, who have a demented proclivity to toy violently with their future food. All species are worth preserving, even mosquitoes and moths. All species are in danger, especially now, (while this is as it has always been).

Fresh Air: Humble Underwater Photographer Shares His Amazing Experiences - Leopard Seals, Penguins, Polar Bears...

(Is this the same thing? - sorry!)

(Notice how this girl seal is at her wits end. If the strange humanoid is not here to mate, or to attack, then what is he up to?! Therefore, she gets all OCD. Almost freakish, in the Aztec sense. Note how she has permitted herself to be, "courted," into higher wonderings. Notice how she didn't fucking kill the guy. This is a great interview. Terry Gross is the best that NPR has to offer).