May 23rd, 2017

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Mother reports: "Adam was a very breit bard!"

As I noted in another ground-breaking post, the critics have largely scoured and skewered Adam Sandler for understandable reasons, such as, fart jokes.

However, I have to say, I have never met anyone who has ever seen Adam Sandler and Shakespeare together in the same room. For this reason, we must keep our minds open to the idea that Adam Sandler may be the reincarnation of Shakespeare, whom himself may have been Jewish, or who may have been a leprechaun. Indeed, Sandler has received some critical acclaim in the past, and may surpass all expectations now, with his latest movie, sending a lot of bitter critics to nunneries...

Adam Sandler Draws Awards Buzz in Cannes with ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’

(Note: Just to be fair and balanced, I took this story from a fake web site said to be Anti-Jewish).

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More, Moor, Moore...

Last night, I heard that Morrissey's birthday is May 27. Immediately after that, there came the news that the bomb went off in his home town of Manchester, killing many children, and more. "Suffer Little Children."

This is yet another stupid, terrible tragedy, of course, and I cannot add much to the conversation in this respect. We all know it is pathetic - as were the many terrorist attacks, or false flags, which went before it, in Europe, and across the world. Some of those "attacks" were either suspect, or even impossible unless they were set-ups, false flags - i.e., "conspiracies".

Let me tell you, the world is in such a configuration that there is considerable overlap between what are coordinated terrorist conspiracies and what are coordinated government-associated conspiracies. Ever since 9/11, it has been a blur. In the bizarrest of ironies, Trump is now giving Saudi Arabia $350 billion dollars to buy our weapons. ("More jobs!") I think everybody knows by now that the Saudi Family and banks were centrally implicated in 9/11, and are have always been the world's largest funder of all kinds of terrorism. It's just a sign of how perverted everything has become.

Anyway, I am just hoping that most of you are wise enough not to accept anything at face value anymore. I never do. Politics and politicians are even less trustworthy than dirty money. Always sympathise with the victims; and work for an end to violence and terrorism; and work for a more just and peaceful society - but we are all the final judges. Always keep your minds open to the possibility that there may be MORE behind what is reported in the corporate news.

And always try to reveal whatever lies, hypocrisies, presumptions, beliefs and policies, may foster destruction and hate in this world, which so often benefit the tiny handful of psychopaths who control most of the world's capital movement. For instance, all this Russia-bating, and all this, "Not My President," is only giving rise to partisan violence, obscuring our understanding of what is really going on behind the scenes. The Christian versus Moslem script is largely just one other VICE for keeping us divided against each other - paralyzed in fear - and mutually dis-empowered. I am NOT saying anything about the what IS the cause of the Manchester bombing.


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How do you like it? How do you like it?



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Sometimes, crop circles can be predictive of something in their approximate geographical area.  However, I could find no connection with this latest one, from near Ansty, Wiltshire, England, and, e.g., the Manchester bombing. This crop circle was in an area where crop circles generally flourish, which is the SW quadrant of England+Wales. Therein is a wealth of pre/history, including Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Arthurian Legends, the Druids, and dolmens and sites going back thousands of years. Some have said that this area might have been related to Atlantis. 'Cardiff' and 'Lands End' were involved in the wine trade of Ancient Greece. It is as if some entity/s is trying to renew contact with some spiritual people's there from long ago. In the crop circle below, some inscriptions somewhat resemble Greek letters.

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Big Woman crop circle, May 22 2017!
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