April 27th, 2017

gaga VF

All methed up.

I was just outside with my dog, in the rain. As my dog contributed his own effluent to the landscape, there trickled the sounds of a screaming woman from next door. It was an argument.

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* - Note for new people; "Nethers" is not a racial slur! It became a reference to neighbours who lived downstairs, in a nether world filled with smoke and loud music, creeping into my realm. It was inspired when I heard the song, "Netherlands," by Dan Fogelberg, while posting about them.
lips - cherry

Fascism by Default!

Maybe LJ will never bear down on We the American Bloggers, especially if we have paid accounts.  Maybe their own scheme is only to mess with Russian LJournalistas, until it loses so much money, everything collapses eventually, and we all become legacy accounts.

However, the mere fact that LJ moved its servers to Russia, means that service has become so bad here in the United States, that it the equivalent of censorship.  It is virtual techno fascism - by default.  Posts keep getting eaten away.  Posts and comments get blocked and destroyed by 400 and 404 error messages.  This may have well been the work of Stalin, but it comes from something worse - even more cold and random: The brutal reign of the all powerful Big Mistake.  He is everywhere - a ghost in our machines - a force to be reckoned with - an accident waiting to happen again and again.  It will lead us all to madness!  The example below will reveal just how demonic Mr. Big Mistake can be, for he has slaughtered my most groovy community!

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