April 1st, 2017


Remember Us to Life

Regina Spektor is cutting-edge. This folk-inspired member of the so-called, "anti-folk," movement is comparable to PJ Harvey or Tash Sultana, and she should totally team up with Norah Jones. She has covered George Harrison and John Lennon. I heard her again on a, "Prairie Home Companion," repeat. She performed her song, "The Trapper and the Furrier," (from, "Remember Us to Life"). It is like a big wall, Grunge Harrison production, and a song worthy of quoting, for discussions of the OCCUPY nature.

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bloody hell

Anger as tampon tax is used to help fund anti-abortion group

The Guardian:

Women’s groups and politicians condemn £250,000 grant to Life charity from cash meant for disadvantaged women

A new row has broken out over the so-called tampon tax after it emerged that a quarter of a million pounds from a controversial levy on women’s sanitary products is to be given to an anti-abortion organisation.

Under pressure from campaigners after failing to honour a pledge to scrap the 5% VAT on sanitary products, former chancellor George Osborne said that more than £10m a year would be redistributed from the tax receipts to women’s charities.

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spliff mon

The Futures Game - and the Harm of Social Intemperance - Part One

When a bolt of lightning zaps the earth and sky, it is trying to reconcile two different static forces, and so it forms a kind of line, which nevertheless also branches naturally, like a tree. But, the static electricity in the earth, or in the clouds, does not flow in a line, or go zap. It seethes like the sea, it blinks and crinkles discretely, every which way, because it is multi-directional - multifactoral. Nevertheless, it will also give itself over to the lines and arches of lightning and electrical arcs.

Like particle and wave, these two very different natures also paradoxically reconcile.

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note to self: zeno,  bubbles, gold/currency trust, many observing/determinging value for thing, after complaint, gosip, culling, altruism/mob, for sake of society's future