January 26th, 2017

pink floyd - dark side

Evan, the Almighty.

I just now screened, "Evan Almighty," for your dilapidated convenience.  I loved it, until the whole animal thing went from worldly to local nonsense.  And then the animals went from being sacred omens, to dispensable stock characters.

I have to tell you, that I have had animals follow me about like this, because I am only a tad divine. MY present dog drives me crazy, getting under my feet, and producing more noise for the crazy guy downstairs to act out against. But, I will write of this paradoxical paraloxism later.

So - the thing is this: I have had in my head, a remake of, "Life of Brian." With music by Morrissey. And now I see, Steve Carel must star as the leading role.

PS - seriously. Watch, "Life of Brian." And imagine Morrissey singing the opening song. It totally works!

PPS UPDATE.... (dit dit dit dit):   I forgot to mention that, "Evan Almighty," makes no sense.  I hate movies that can't manage to get their writing together to make a story that is mostly plausible, even as a fantasy comedy.  For examples:  Evan's appearance has to change in order to build an ark?  He has to look like - or BE - Noah?  No, that is just catering to the mass of people who have a vague pre-school awareness of bible stories.  And, they have to build an ark, and collect species from across the world, just to survive a LOCAL flood?!  That is crazy.  The TV news shows how even animals are helping to build the ark, but not even CRAZIES take any of it seriously, to show up chanting next to the ark?  And how did they feed the animals?  Where was all the dung?  And why did the ark go flying down  city streets on the giant flood, yet nobody on adjacent sidewalks drowned or even got wet?

Sorry if I am questioning 'religion' again!

On the other hand, let's get superstitious.  As I have claimed, stream-of-consciousness art can turn out to be prophetic, if only by chance.  In this case, "Evan Almighty," could be interpreted as predicted the coming Financial Collapse and subsequent Great Recession.  After all, that is what PLAY is for - preparing for real life adjustments.  Steve Carrel would later go on to star in the ante-prophetic, "The Big Short."  The roles he has played have largely been about the buffoonification of 1980's business dogma, or religious Reaganism.