January 24th, 2017

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

They are saying that, "Politics makes strange bed-fellows," regarding Bernie's support of Trump regarding the TPP. But the TPP was the major, shared issue of both sides of the 2016 populist uprising - the hopeful Bernie side, as well as the angry Trump side. Any journalist who cannot identify this basic fact is indeed someone who cannot be taken seriously, by middle Americans - and the "facts" doled out are only selective spins: either pro or anti, Trump or Sanders. There is no coming together in the minds of such journalists, etc.

So why would it ever be easy for there to be any kind of comprehension and synthesis, from the ever-partisan politicians, the banksters, and the corporate elites? It is all of the same cloth, that average Americans are seeing through. Because the Empire has no clothes.

Notice how the two major Military-Industrial puppets, McCain and Graham, (who both, like the Bush's, opposed Trump in favour of Establishment Clinton), get their talking heads in the news again, this time to oppose Trump for opposing the TPP, NAFTA-as-it-is, and other moves. Notice how most of the GOP comes out warning Trump not to change NAFTA. Yet, so many of their party's more populist base fully support these moves by Trump. And many liberals and progressives are hopeful regarding Trump's meetings with labor and business leaders.

But, of course, Donald Trump is a nut - which is something I will be discussing in a later post. So, he has also been doing things that disturb either political side - and even left and right progressives. Although he says he is much of an environmentalist, his way of, "resolving," the Dakota and Keystone Pipeline issues, is to start them up again - albeit with American steel, (although, I don't think he has the legal authority to do the later). Hopefully, there will be some stay, because it seems clear that the Native Americans and local landowners shall be proved justified, in inevitable legal proceedings.

It becomes trying, when trying to take Trump's good with his bad, hoping that extreme measures shall eventually be worked out, through Congress, and so forth. Meanwhile, both parties may become so enraged, we may end up in an even a bigger stalemate than we did, due to Obama's GOP-insulting year of ACA-fervour. It has been my feeling that Trump cannot survive the first term of the presidency. He is so anathema to the Global Corporate Establishment, which controls most of both parties, that he will probably be assassinated, e.g., via the standard unfortunate heart-attack or brain tumour.

But, one reason why patience shall be stretched, is that Trump's Irascible Narcissist Paranoia sports ridiculous, and seemingly ridiculous, issues and diversions. This natural tendency of his has served him well, as the, "Chaos Candidate", (or monkey-wrench), appealing to a disgruntled throng. By this, (and because of DNC corruption), he did what the other populist, Sanders, could not accomplish. Kudos on that - because it is what a broken system called for. But so long as this fight continues between Trump and the Corporate Establishment, (Dems/GOP), Trump will remain in Reptilian, defensive mode. And every time he feels slighted, and every time he IS slighted, he will naturally respond with some desperate loud quip, as he moves on to business - never settling down to learn the bigger, presidential, global picture.

Another BAD thing Trump wants to do is to expand the most massive military on Earth. He wants to use this easy tool, a MONEY PIT, a grave for dollars, this purchaser of elitist hyper-technology, mainly as a source for jobs - for the common person - (?!) Big mistake, all over again. But it will shut up McCain and Graham. The intention is actually good. Almost everything he does has the idea of creating more jobs. But, to do it, he mainly wants to accelerate conventional economy in a reckless way, harming environment, the poor, and even jobs, in the end. In some ways, we, as a country, are trapped, to do this. Our contentious, bipolar politics never gives us a chance to build a more progressive, profitable way.

It is important to look beyond this stooge, and see that what is going on is all a part of global economic changes, and the decline of status-quo empire. When such massive changes occur, large wars become inevitable. So, the irony may be that Trump's pumped up military may, by its own moneyed-inertia, go to war with our favourite anti-Christ, Vladimir Putin.

Bernie Sanders supports Trump's TPP order while McCain criticizes opting out

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pink floyd - dark side

The Eerie Carl Sagan Prediction That's Going Viral

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Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

Here's a subject I have posted about before: The well-healed upper crust are heading for the hills - actually, they are headed for under the hills, over the ocean, and to dream-homes in New Zealand, where life is wonderful all the time, (except when massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions arrive not far behind).  Yes, survivalism has been gentrified - trickling up like espresso in space - to become the fashionable obsession of the in-crowd.  After all their years of warning NOT to read hokey "prepper" websites, the rich have caught the bug, and are doing not as they say, but as they do: Invest in Me, Inc.

I do regret that I never tagged those somewhat recent posts wherein there were lots of pics of elabourate survival complexes, and all that.  I did want to link them in this post. I have also scattered, in many other posts, snippets about this flight of the fanciful, prepping for the day when their filth hits the fan - plus all the tales about their drive to live forever, become bionic, drink blood, and all that.  Of course, I am not accusing every rich person of this.  Just a lot of them from San Francisco.  Now, since Trump has so clearly been ushering in social unrest and apocalypse, the story has hit the big time.  Observe: The New Yorker:


Hear it on Fresh Air!

Texas Community Goes Underground For Doomsday Prep

One Percenters In Bay Area And Beyond Busy Making Chic Apocalypse Preparations