October 29th, 2016


Something right for a change... but...

I'm sure most of you have seen, "The March of the Penguins," 2005. Eleven years later, there is real change - most probably innitiated and inspired by this movie:

World's Largest Marine Sanctuary Created Off Antarctica

Unfortunately, it's too late.  The Ross Ice Shelf is collapsing from global warming.  It makes you wonder if the whole preservation attempt is just a lot of disingenuous patronisation by opportunistic politicians, preying on the sentiments of a complacent multitude.  I wanted to give you a link to the NYT, but this will have to do...

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses

The Emperor Penguin is a stoic, noble survivor, stubbornly repeating the life cycle that has served it well for many millennia. It is tragic to know that this valiant species shall soon enough go plunging into the depths of the frozen ocean.

See also: Antarctic ice samples: What do they say about global warming?
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