October 23rd, 2016

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Sunday Sausage Links!

We make the most delicious sausage on the planet, so you don't even have to watch.  Yes, it's a harrowing process, with an inch of love, a spoonful of elbow greace, and a gram of cocaine, but no animals are harmed except for me.  Many of these are articles which are spinoffs from other posts, which don't really fit anywhere else.  That is true of the Hillary posts.  Others are articles which related to other posts I have done lately.  See if you can spot them.  I was writing a long Bernie/Trump theme post, but took a break from it, to start this.  Then, my "NoScript" refreshed all my LJ tabs on me, completely erasing that post.  So, I have to try to write it over - at least I never lost all of its links.  This won't be easy because the guy downstairs is not letting up.  He sent my heart racing last night at 2:20 am, by banging loudly and suddenly, directly below where he KNEW I was sleeping.  I have a PTSD element to my CFS, plus any shock like this sets me up for a fatigue relapse.  I have THREE beds, to try to evade this - but he seeks me out.  He's absolutely nuts.  Like the half-man/half-animal below, he is a psychopath.  I have  some good posts coming up on that topic, with a pivot to the so-clled presidential race.  What have we done?  We have created a race of presidents!

Shocking: Mutant pig born with human face in China

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