May 4th, 2016

HOUSE - oh snap

How close was trump to the mob? - And other theories/...

The term, "conspiracy theorist," was deliberately created by the CIA after the coup assassination of JFK, to coax the public into dismissing thoughtful critics as being, "crazies." It was a wide smear campaign, which continues to this day. As does the conspiracy or coup.

I have been studying the nature of conspiracies, and the denial of conspiracies, in psychological, economic, and political terms. I can tell you that there is some hot stuff going on at the moment.

I have more to submit to this LJ, and communities. I have been very ill - too ill to think or write. The crazy old bald guy is trying to turn me into a crazy old bald guy. Forcing myself to go out today, to get to the library, I actually fell over in the kitchen. Anyway, I want to say that I will have some meaty stuff for you ASAP. The next time I should post will be Friday afternoon. Hopefully I will have some good stuff then. In the mean time, note that this picture of Cruz's father is not only surely real, Raphael Cruz worked for the CIA, as well as the Bush Crime Family's ZAPATA OIL - which has always been in bed with the Saudi's, who are teetering on being exposed for their role in 9/11. If that story is forced to come out, by Trumps guys: Roger Stone and Saint John Hunt, then this country is going to crash and burn. But Trump presently has what he wants, so he will play it cool for now. I know that the big secret GOP money will be getting behind Hillary now, to try to take him down, for the puppet-masters who control both status-quo parties. If Trump does a covert move on Hillary soon enough, this will help Sanders as well!!

Search those two guys, plus, and And this guy is great, and supports Bernie, but I don't agree w/ everything he says or claims. However, what a fun crazy sight for you paranoid freaks! -

madman out