April 7th, 2016

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PSYCHIC RELATIVITY - and The Origami Universe - PART ONE

Here's an earlier theme post, unfinished. I was planning to use today, Wednesday April 6, to write something to post at the library, but was instead hit with massive brain/ fatigue all day. So, I am submitting this to you as PART ONE, to be continued later. I am trying to clear away all this unfinished or unposted writing which goes back to last year, even. I also desperately want to write a theme post on Bernie, Trump, 2016 conspiracies, and related.

I am going to a used book store SALE, (Thurs eve.), and then to laundry, thrift store and grocery. (My dog will have been left at home, inside, for 6 hours - - - eek). Near the bookstore is a consignment mall, where I might pick up a coputer screen, an LP warped into some kind of ashtray, and who knows what not and all get out. At the thrift store, there may still be some leather "sneakers" which were htere last time, but I never realised that they would make great walking shoes. I also want to buy two nice garden tools, replacing the two nice garden tools I bought there some time back, because those were stolen by some neighbour.

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Note that you can follow up on these thoughts through my tags, e.g., for: origami universe, entanglement, psychic, etc.

Poetically, note that all of reality is a trash-heap, sloughing off the more cosmic dance of psychic will and wonder, and the dynamic interplay of psychic beings. Well, nevertheless, somehow imbedded in this flat real world of time and space indeed are these instances of bizarre coincidence and meaning - these signs and dream-like symbols which are laid down as if to guide or suggest us through life, or at least to give our "soles" some better bearing and consolation.

OK - next topic after I rest or sleep: How psychic activity can be a bad thing, as when it feeds groupism, narcisism and controlaholism...

The Bernie-Trump Post - Part ONE

"In fact, we're kind-of having a contest in America between these two types right now: The status-quo-defending technocratics are chiding the irresponsible masses who want and need NEW CHANGE and invention and HUMANITY - the 'anarchists.' It's a contest of the technocrats trying to control the masses, and the masses are resisting and controlling and out of control and pissed and helpless and moody. And the latter have lots of ideas and internet info and they don't like not being listened to as if they're idiots, but a lot of them ARE idiots."

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Note that I also wrote of this popular dissent brewing in other, earlier posts. I also predicted a coming "revolution" comparable to the 1960's, to be due from 2016-2018. I predicted this years ago, and here we are. I sing my praises in lieu of having any kind of sane society.

NOTE - Please note that there are more examples of brain-dead status quo reasoning at http://madman101.livejournal.com/1782228.html. AND THEN, Part Two of the Bernie-Trump Series begins here - http://bernie2016.livejournal.com/48558.html, (bernie2016), and also in my this-here journal.