June 7th, 2015

morrissey - love

Morrissey – One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

Always be careful
When you abuse the one you love
The hour or the day, no one can tell
But one day goodbye will be farewell
And you will never see the one you love again
You will never see the one you love again

I have been thinking, what, with my final brain cell
How time grips you, slimming, in it's spell
And before you know, goodbye will be farewell
And you will never see the one you love again
And the smiling children tell you that you smell

Well, just look at me
A savage Beast with nothing to sell
And when I die, I want to go to Hell
And that's when goodbye should be farewell
One day goodbye will be farewell
So grab me while you still can, goodbye

oor wullie

How I live, in a day

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I came home, and had wine, which brought out the richness of my headache, which tortured me through Saturday. Meanwhile, my neighbours, who have been seen to be competing with me lately, because they believed the gossip from the new jerk neighbours below, were having a little neighbourhood party, with very loud music, sans madman. I ripped a Styrofoam egg container in my kitchen, which was audible, and so the turned up the music, and all that.

People got drunk and shouted and complained about unknown stuff. I don't know if the downstairs GUY was over there, but he probably was. When it finished, some guy outside my window barked and yowled like a coyote, probably mocking my dog.
* - Elephant of Life

gotta protect those utility companies

Family Raided by SWAT and their Dog Shot, for Being Unable to Pay Utility Bill

Zorich was at home with several family members and her pit bull, Kiya, when a St. Louis County Police Tactical Response Unit burst through the door without knocking, according to her suit. The unit had at least five officers with M-4 rifles, supported by at least eight uniformed officers.

The officers entered so quickly, Zorich’s suit alleges, that Kiya didn’t even have time to bark. A tactical officer fired three shots into the dog, and the dog’s “bladder and bowels released and she fell to the floor.” The dog “was laying on the floor in her own waste and blood struggling to breathe. She had a gaping hole in her chest.”
duh - lindsay drunk

SLEEP - PART ONE - (a journey... zzzz....)

I have been wanting to do a series on SLEEP for a while. I am prompted by several different talks or ideas on the build-up of warped proteins in the brain, which is associated with fatigue, or lack of sleep, (etc.!) I guess I will have to wait to write on that subject. Today, RADIOLAB did a (repeat) show all about SLEEP. Some of the subject of warped proteins is included. So - let's make this part ONE of my SERIES about SLEEP ok OK!

Sleep - by radiolab.org
Birds do it, bees do it...yet science still can't answer the basic question: why do we sleep?
Every creature on the planet sleeps--from giant humpback whales to teeny fruit flies. What does it do for us, and what happens when we go without? We take a peek at iguanas sleeping with one eye open, get in bed with a pair of sleep-deprived new parents, and eavesdrop on the uneasy dreams of rats.

Play this week's show -

If you missed it, here is the page, with podcasts! - http://www.radiolab.org/story/91528-sleep/

When Sleep is a Battleground - A sleepless child: http://www.radiolab.org/story/276190-when-sleep-battleground/
Here are a child's recommendations on how to fall asleep:
Hug a stuffed animal. (Or pillow.)
Count sheep.
Get your mom to scratch (or tickle) your back.

Well. I've learnt a thing or two myself. How to fall asleep? Imagine that the next day will be full of things to do, in a positive way, and don't bother thinking any more about what HAS been! It also helps to realise that if you want to compete or survive in this world, SLEEP is where it is at. SLEEP is the master strategy! And all it takes is overcoming nerves and such.

How Do You Fall Asleep? - Take the radiolab sleep survey: http://www.radiolab.org/blogs/radiolab-blogland/2013/mar/15/sleep-survey/

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