June 3rd, 2015

brb - IL

zig zag

First, I have a gripe about the behaviour or psychology of the repair-men/ rental company. I think it's endemic to the area. But I will save that for an official gripe post.

So, my back went out 2x on Monday, and 1x Yesterday. Yesterday was very bad, plus a flare-up of the CFS, due to the back attack. Today, the local area where the spine gave out was not so bad, but other areas in my back were having a street riot. Why? Because I have a little scoliosis. So, I took advantage of this assault to try to readjust my whole carriage towards that of a normal human body, endless edging, bending, shifting, stirring, shake well, simmer. I do look at this as a correction of my slightly S-shaped spine, which I have been coaxing along most of mine life, or thuth. It's working.

The last major assault I had on my spine, was between my shoulder blades, several years ago, when I walked and fell flat on my palms, breaking at least on elbow. I don't believe that helped correct anything. But it possibly shook things looser. I don't know.

This time, I have been taking a LOT of turmeric, and this has helped a lot. It has also helped to reduce the consequent CFS brain, etc., inflamation, due to hyped-up immune system activities. Nevertheless, these three days have been BAD.

The repair-men came to take away my old fridge, and bring up a new one, at around 1:pm. While I was parking the dog inside a room, one of them knocked below, and my dag tried to run in that direction. So, he pulled his leash, which I was attatching to the inner doorknob of the door, and the door was pulled shut really fast, smashing my finger.

The new fridge is excellent! It has two doors, and ice-maker, two bulbs. It is the American Wealth I have always dreamt of, hoping to eat. But the freezer, (on the left), affords less room than my last freezer. This is despite the fact that I have been trying to reduce my fronzen food a little, in case of just such a difference. Since I instead want to keep building up my wealth of frozen food, I will be carrying around the dream of finding some kind of additional little freezer, someday. Then, I could take that to wherever I move, because it will be mine, and you can't take it!

Too many paragraphs in this post begin with the letters, "Th".

I didn't have the usual easy time with the repairmen, (which may be posted later). After some rest, I decided to proceed with my plan to go downtown. I had originally had 10 stops in mind, but had to cut that down to 8, and one was closed, (due to inability to prepare). One stop was made where I was going to drop off a thumb-drive to my LL, but that was not ready, yet I did go back and drop off a card I bought at the P.O.

So far, this was not a great day, but I got to the food pantry,just to see if there were a few interesting cans sitting out. I walked past Bee-Girl as she was talking to others, and, in the middle of that, she hails me, "Hello there, Mister Madman." She was eager to talk to me. She is a doll to talk to. I don't now way we like each other so much. She's married. Once again, Bee Girl saved my day! Later, some big black guy gave me a nice greeting as I passed on the sidewalk.

Well, on Monday, I got two calls - at 8:am, and at 11:am. These apparently scared the people downstairs, thinking it was the LL, which it sorta was - it was a repairman. They are afraid I am reporting the guy illegally living there, but, no, I am being nice and just letting them twist in the wind for a while. Cuz, they are not my life. Even though... They invite themselves into my hair, my eardrums, my faltering heart, and the plaque in my exploding brain. And, then, today, I got another call around 11:am, after which, I heard running feets.

I could relish this, but I just see it as perverse. So - then the repairmen came today. And made a lot of noise. For which the people downstairs will surely punish me. Then, right after - or maybe even AS - those repairmen left, the guy downstairs, who is here illegally, goes out and sits at the end of "their" steps, in plain daylight, barking at his phone or else spewing angry rap. Later, after I came back home, around 4:45pm, he was sitting over at the end of the NEIGHBOURS steps - and they were allowing it. Probably more on this subject later.

There was a gigantic bang under my bedroom around 5:45pm. I considered that it might have come from a garbage can outside. But, maybe not. Again, the guy was out front when I went out with my dog at 7:pm. This person is an obsessive loser. Nothing good is going to come of this. After I went inside with my dog, he went back over on "their" steps, continuing on.

I once actually played my music at a decent level, after seeing that the girl had gone off for work. This was before I was aware that the guy was always here. Later, there were slams and bangs in retaliation. Then, the guy turns up his paltry music and shouts rap for a few hours - aware that I was home. This latter event happened right after a visit from a repairman, last week.

So, the logic is this: Girl: "You can't play your music when I am here, and you can't play it when I am NOT here. Because my boyfriend, who is not on the lease, should not have to be bothered by you. But you get to be bothered by both of us, 10-20x over for the slightest thing we hear from you, such as floorboards, or maybe a sneeze, or maybe no real reason. We'll even blame you for ambulances or trains or someone saying hi to you outside or the weather or a bad day."

What insanity.

Compare this to the glory of Bee-Girl, descending in a cloud of sparkling light from on high, bearing meat.

I don't know if this was the high point of the day, or when the sexy shirtless repair guy fell under the fridge and his pants fell off.

I have so much more to post - about important things. Pray for me. Only you can prevent wildfires.

I have to sleep now.