May 24th, 2015

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Susan Lindauer

I awoke and was awake all night. Still awake, as I do not post in my sleep. On Coast-to-Coast, the guest was Susan Lindauer, a journalist and WDC worker and an undercover envoy, who did a lot of good work, fighting the emerging police state. She was consequently messed with. It is amazing that she is still alive. This was a superb interview, and I highly recommend that you listen to it, if that is possible. SEARCH: "coast to coast Susan Lindauer"

Also: "Susan Lindauer extreme prejudice" and

She confirms so much, including that Colin Powell was very aware that he was giving false info to the U.N.
eek - bleh!

Three Years Above the Frey

When I first moved here, at the very beginning of 2012, I was immediately beleaguered by incessant bangs, and slams, and knocks, etc., from the (previous) tenants downstairs. This was in an 1897 house will walls like a drum. Not only this, but their dog was goaded into acting insane concerning me and my dog, and any slight noise we made. (We were incapable of floating around my apartment, in order to avoid making the floorboards squeak). On the other hand, they were as loud as possible, and pumped their massive sound system so loud, their was no escape from it - from any of it.

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The state of the nation only further declines.